Error 0x80090006

Our firewall  and Internet access machine, running winproxy, is getting the following error message and we are not able to use the computer.  

A problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the license for this computer - error code ox80090006.  Any ideas why the computer would be be getting this error message.  What can I do to correct it?
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GranModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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MomForLifeAuthor Commented:
read star trek's  message. Since we haven't made any changes to this computer, is it possible someone has hacked this computer?
These error codes are Windows HRESULT style return codes. Some of them map
to common error codes, while others are InstallShield specific. If you've
got Visual Studio C++, you can put the error code into the "Error Lookup"
dialog and find some of the codes.

Usually even the codes you can find as common code types are a result of
something particular to the installer happening.

MomForLifeAuthor Commented:
Just doing a follow up on my problem - tried  star trek's suggestions, but did not find the the Cryptography folder.  

I ended up doing a Windows XP repair and it did the trick.  
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