Upgrade to VS 2005 and NET2.0?

I have VS 2003 pro version and .Net1.1 on Dell 9400 (Duo core, Win XP2), writing mostly C# code and do not apply ASP/Java/AJAX...yet.

I heard about AJAX technology and would like to get involve this as a hobby or background, so I be developing application using website.

Meanwhile, I considering upgrading .Net 2.0 perhaps in few weeks. Is there reason I should not do this?.

I would then upgrade the VS 2003 pro to VS 2005 standard, perhaps within 2-3 month.

What impact it would have on development side using standard rather than pro?, will it affects programming development associated with server and website?. (ASP, AJAX, etc). Bearing in mind this is for hobby. Could someone make sense out of remote debugging?, what do I use it for?.

Now I heard about VS 2006 coming out this year, any idea when this happen, Should I hold back, wait and see or buy now and start learning new technology with additional cost of upgrade.

I'm mostly C# geek type, developing application for instrumentation.....at the moment, I'm learning about Design Pattern.



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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Mathematics TeachersCommented:
I don't know anything about AJAX...

...but VS2003 uses .Net 1.1, while VS2005 uses .Net 2.0...and the two can coexist side by side without affecting each other.  You can continue to develop in either environment as you like.

I have on my machine with no problems:

    VB.Net 2003 (.Net 1.1)
    VB.Net 2005 Express (.Net 2.0)
    C# 2005 Express (.Net 2.0)

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you cannot use NET 2.0, with VS 2003 - that combination CANNOT be done.  There is no such product as VS 2006

Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Mathematics TeachersCommented:
Right...but you can have them both (VS2003 and VS2005) on your machine at the same with no problems!
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riscyAuthor Commented:
That good,I wish microsoft explain this in more clearer fashion!
why would you expect that you could use the Farmework 2.0 with an older version of Visual Studio?  That's sort of like saying I want to put my 2005 Corvette Engine in my 2003 Corvette car body - it just won't fit.  The older car cannot accept the newer engine - all of the fittings and engine mounts are different.

riscyAuthor Commented:
Well...it called learning experience with need to keep pace with technology, that why I use expert exchange.

The VS 2003 was bought during 2003 and nothing was mention about new framework and VS release.

You might not notice but there so many car breakdown on road, they break thier car to make good value of AA and RAC service (!).

I just installed .net 2.0 and found no problem whatsoever so far. Now I was able to run .Net Paint that requires .net 2.0.

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