NTBackup.exe - Application Error

When I try to create a backup file using NTBackup, I get the following error/dialogue box:

Backup Utility - [backupname.bks]: ntbackup.exe - Application Error
The instruction at "0x01072779" referenced memory at "0x00000020". The memory could not be "read".

I found a reference to KB 106711 in EE, but it is dated November 2003 and applies to NT servers only.

Here is my other information:
                    Servers: [Domain Controller] SBS 2003 Premium w/SP1 and Server 2003 Standard
          Files to backup: ON the SBS  (from the RAID array data disks not from the mirrored OpSys(C:) drives)
    NTBackup Program: ON the 2003 Server

Thanks for any help.  I really need to this work.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Why are you running NTBackup on the Server 2003 to backup your SBS?  You should be using the SBS built-in backup because it will use Volume Shadow Copy correctly to provide you with a full backup of your server.  Run the Configure Backup wizard from the Server Management Console and you'll be set.  

You can run a separate backup of whatever is on the other server by using IT's NTBackup if you like.

SlatorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response and question.
Actually we do run the SBS backup every night.  The question had to do wiyh additional/other backups.
I guess I was a little "short" on the details, here is "rest of the story"; sorry.

1)We have some files that are worked on all day long and by the end of the day there can be as much as 6-12 hours of data entry  time.  I wanted to create a backup of the files periodically during the day and since I have a VERY nice/fast Server 2003 machine,
I thought it would be NEAT to use the server 2003 NTBackup/procesor rather than the SBS.

2)We have some very large (50GB, 70GB, 250GB+, etc.) partitions that contain 1000s of files and are modified/changed on a daily basis.  One of these partitions is on the SBS machine.  I would prefer not using the SBS nightly backup since I have the Server 2003 machine and I believe there would not be enough time overnight for the SBS backup.

3)We have some files (less than 1 gb) that [SUPER] critical.  Meaning if I ever lost any of these I would probably lose my job.  I wanted to setup an additional backup just in case.  Probably over kill, but I sleep better at night.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
The way to handle the periodic backups during the day is with Volume Shadow Copies.  This is enabled by default on SBS for any Server Shares -- automatic snapshots are taken at 7:00am and 12:00pm each day.  You can view any version of these files -- generally for the past 30 days  depending on storage space -- by accessing the files from a workstation, and right clicking to select Properties > Previous Versions.  

Shadow copies are configured on the server by right clicking on any drive > properties > shadow copies.

You can also enable the service on your other server.... but you cannot create shadow copies on a network share... it has to be run on each server separately.

As for backing up the partition on the SBS... you CAN use NTBackup to back up NETWORK SHARES, but that may take just as long if not longer than the SBS backup due to the speed of the network.  

My suggestion for your super critical files is that you use an off-site ftp backup service.  With less than 1GB of data, you can easly find one that will be fairly inexpensive.

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SlatorAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the quick response.
The discussion with you (as always) is great and very informative, but I need to get this question back on course.
However, Before I do that let's see if I can clean-up what we have started.

1)I do not think shadow copies will work in my case.  These are not files but large application databases.  I definitely would not want a user to {right-click} and restore a previous version just because of a mistake.  I still believe th best way for me is to create a NTBackup and run it every ~2 hours.

2)I have a managed gigabit switch with 2 GB NIC ports.  At last check I could transfer files at the rate of 500MB/minute or 1GB every 2 minutes.  If I can get the Server 2003 NTBackup working, I am pretty sure it will be faster to run the Server 2003 NTBackup concurrent with the SBS backup during the night than running both sequentially on the SBS machine.

3)That is a good idea.  It will make life simple.

Also, even though I do not currently have another use for the Server 2003 NTBackup to backup an SBS partition/file, I want to make sure I know how to make it work if that is possiible.

Now back to my question.
Since you are a SBS guru, maybe I should ask if it is possible to backup a SBS network share using Server 2003 NTBackup?
If it is, then I still need an answer to my original question.

Thanks again,
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:

I think we are sticking with the subject at hand... and the problem you are encountering is that you CAN'T use NTBACKUP every couple of hours to back up this database because the file is in use and therefore won't be backed up!  This is exactly what VSS is for!  
If you want to read more about it:  http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsServer/en/Library/2b0d2457-b7d8-42c3-b6c9-59c145b7765f1033.mspx
It's much more about being able to back up a file that's in use than allowing users to self restore... of course you wouldn't want that for this type of file (although it's great for files in their My Documents folder).

You could otherwise use a 3rd Party Imaging backup such as Acronis True Image or StorageCraft's ExactState, but I don't think they are necessary in this case.

So, the reasons for your errors?  It's possible that your backup was running at the same time as the Volume Shadow Copy's 7:00am or 12:00noon run?  

Or, did you configure the backup using the wizard?  (because, according to Microsoft, network shares are not supported when the wizard is used... and you need to specify the UNC path, not a mapped one).


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SlatorAuthor Commented:
As it turned out this whole problem was mostly of my own doing, which I realized after reading your most recent posting and checking how I worded the question.
1)  First, I wrote the question wrong:
     s/b = When I tried to schedule a NTBackup selection script ...
     This of course led you in the wrong direction.
     Meaning, I do not have a NTBackup.exe execution problem, I have a NTBackup wizard problem trying to schedule a job.
2)  I forgot to verify that the backup user had access to Windows/...Task folder, which it did not.
     This was the cause of my problem.  Admittedly, the error message was not very informative, but still a "rookie" mistake.

The solution to my [real] problem (domain backup user did not have access to Windows\...Task folder):
    --Add the SBS domain backup user to the Server 2003's local {Backup Operators} security group
       NOTE: Adding the domain backup user to the Server 2003 security group proved to be a little tricky.
                 The {Check Names} feature did not work/pickup the domain user name.  The only way I could
                 get the domain user recognized was to enter the full name as "domain\user": ICMDOM\BackupServer.
                 The check names then worked.
    --Be sure to change the view options for any folder(s) you want to see (such as the Windows\...Task folder)
      to {Show Hidden Files}.

Jeff, thanks again for the help and sorry for the confusion.
SlatorAuthor Commented:

Concerning your comment...
Or, did you configure the backup using the wizard?  (because, according to Microsoft, network shares are not supported when the wizard is used... and you need to specify the UNC path, not a mapped one).

I have been configuring the backup using mapped drives.  It appears to be working properly.  Do you have any more information on this?  Specifically, I am backing up SBS machine partitions using the Server 2003 NTBackup.

The only issue I seem to be encountering (which will require a 3rd party solution) is that the Shadow Copy does not work on network shares, only local drives.  I have decided to solve this problem by always running the NTBackup on the machine with the data drives.

Thanks again!
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