Tracert: output explanation


  can anyone please explain me the output of the tracert command. what exactly tracert does (I need a packet level explanation), and what does the 3 colums in ms(milli seconds) indicate?


Tracing route to
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1   <10 ms   <10 ms   <10 ms
  2    16 ms    15 ms    16 ms
  3    16 ms    15 ms    16 ms

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Here is a good site with info about traceroute for various operating systems:

To answer your question more simply, what tracert does is send ICMP pings to the address you entered 3 times with a TTL of 1.  This will go to your next hop (your gateway) and you should see three responses (the time, in milliseconds, it took to return each of the three pings).  Since this was not your end destination, tracert then sends three more pings to your address but with a TTL of 2.  The TTL keeps increasing by 1 until the pings finally reach your end destination.  As it works its way to your end address, it reports the next hop address (the address of the router next in line on the way to the address you entered).

I hope that all makes sense.

expertblrAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jeff.
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