Software disk mirror in SBS 2003

I have successfully created a disk mirror of two partitions from Disk 0 to Disk 1.  I cannot however mirror the partition called "EISA Configuration" on Disk 0.  Is there anyone who can tell me why I cannot mirror this partition?
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The EISA Configuration partition contains drivers and utilities specific to the hard-drive and/or comptuer.  For example, Dell computers will put an EISA partition on their desktop computer, and if you ever have problems you can press F12, then select diagonstic tools.  These tools run from the EISA partition.

That being said, because Windows doesn't interact with that partition, it doesn't read or write to it, Windows can not mirror it.  It needs to be a partition that Windows interacts with to be mirrored.

Finally, you don't really need to worry about it, because none of your data is located in that partition, if you lost it, it should matter.

you can only use mirroring in Windows on NTFS partitions.
This is why you can not mirror the EISA Configuration
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