WSAD - Websphere 5.0 Too many open files

I am converting an appliction from WebSphere 4 to WebSphere 5.  When I execute the application using Debug (I am in WSAD when doing this) it will work fine.  When I execute the same code but switch the server to execute normally with out debug I receive a "Too many open files" error.

Any ideas?
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This is a problem of the operating system your cvs server is running on. the most unix systems have a maximum of 1024 open files per process

if you have a bash, simply enter

ulimit -a

on comand line and you will see the limit. the bad news is: this value is static in linux and you cannot change it very easy (perhaps it has changed with new kernels; i'm not really up-to-date).

but: the main problem is eclipse. it should not do this large number of queries to the cvs server. i hope this will be much better with the new VCM.

another option: change the OS :-). with bsd you can say

sysctl kern.maxfiles=2048

but its upto you...


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Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:

check out if your OS is windows & change the suitable values in config file this is a very generic solution.

if your Os is linux flavour check. follow the links.

Thank You.

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