Invalid Request (Bad Verb)

I am running an ASP.NET 2.0 application on IIS 6, Windows Server 2003 Web Edition. By no pattern that I can discern, about one in 300-500 individual requests results in the IIS error "Invalid Request (Bad Verb)".

I cannot figure out what is causing this error - my application does not manipulate the HTTP headers, so it could not be a programming bug. Also, on a separate physical server, another copy of the same site is running that is, for all practical purposes, the same version of the code, and it has not once encountered this error. As far as I can determine, the Web Site configurations of the two are identical. This behavior has persisted across over 100 builds and code changes without any discernable improvement or degredation.

Any help getting me even pointed in the right direction would be most appreciated.
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you are gettign this error since the client is sending an invalid request.prior to IIS 6 the web server used to accept invalid requests but after the iis http.sys does not accept them for security reasons.most porbably the other server running the same code is not IIS 6.
so surely this is an apllication bug :-)
If you can check the requests being send form the browser using some software you may be able to find what the browser is trying to send to the web server.
sexyrexyAuthor Commented:
Both servers are very nearly identical, hardware and software-wise. Windows Server 2003 Web Edition with IIS 6. However, what is this about "http.sys"? Is this something that could inadvertently be different between the two systems that would affect this?
oops both are 2003 servers . i was thinking the other way .http.sys  will be there only for iis 6 servers. can you download IIS resource tools and check with wfetch from the client side
sexyrexyAuthor Commented:
dnojcd's comments were knowledgeable but ultimately incorrect - the problem was coming from the proxy server used by the group that was testing the website.
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