How to delete system folders in Exchange 2003

I have a Windows 2003 server running Exchange 2003 standard version. I have a mailbox set-up for incoming faxes. These faxes are converted to pdf and an email is forwarded from an external fax server to this mailbox. I have multiple users setup to view that mailbox in Outlook 2003. There are a number of system folders associated with a mailbox (Tasks, Calendar, Journal, Notes, ect.) that I want to remove those so that the users can only see the "inbox" The other folders confuse my users and I will never need them for this mailbox.

How can I delete these folder’s from a mailbox?

If I can not delete, how can I make them "invisible" to my users?


Robert Ruppert
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You can't remove them, and you can't make them disappear.
The closest you could get would be to share the folder, set the permissions on the folder, then choose File, Open, Other User's Folder. Select Inbox and this mailbox. Outlook will then open them.

rruppertAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the Info... I will leave open for a couple days to see if there is any other comments,if not I will award the points to you.
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