what is the console

Okay, I'm done trying to figure this out.  What is the console?

What does console.writeline do -- where does it write?
What does console.readline do -- what does it read?

I'm using VB.Net 2003

Big points hoping for a thorough explanation.

Thanks ...
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These functions are used in a Console application, which runs in Command (DOS) Window, or Console. Console.WriteLine writes new text line to the Command window. Console.ReadLine reads line of text from the Command window. User must type some text and press Enter to complete this command.

Dim s as String
Console.WriteLine("Please enter your name")
s = Console.ReadLine
Console.WriteLine("Your name is " + s)

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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
For a WINFORMS app:

    Console.WriteLine() outputs to the Debug window.
    Console.ReadLine() does nothing as far as I know...
g_johnsonAuthor Commented:
AlexFM -- so you basically write a .Net application and create an exe that is designed to be used in the command window?  When would you choose that over a WINFORMS app?
When you want to write command line utility. For example, you write some command line tool which can be used by system administrator for running inside batch files.
In most cases we make Windows applications with user interface, but command line tools still exist and used.
Console applications are also used to test some ideas and algorithms, when we don't want to waste time building user interface.
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