Managed server for rent - need a code repo and don't want to manage it myself.


  I am very paranoid about backing up my data and would like to have a 3rd party involved. Ideal would be a managed server that I can pay a $$/monthly fee for. I would like to use TortoiseSVN (not sure if their are restrictions).

  Can you point me in the right direction? I did a web search and there are so many providers I was unsure about what was safe, or a "good deal". If you have experience with this, or can recommend a good server company, please discuss.

   I noticed very high quality providers in abundance. I am unwilling to pay the fee's that these providers charge (more than $100 a month is too steep: I can purchase my own server and house it somewhere else at that rate).
   A good price would be about 30/month. About 20 GB of storage would be perfect.

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sapbucketAuthor Commented:
Christian, that looks like a very good site! (better than what i've found so far).

Does anyone else have an opinion?
a few more are


i(2) Drive


sapbucketAuthor Commented:
I noticed that I cannot use typical tools like TortoiseSVN. I am obligated to use the providers windows client app. Is there a provider that will allow to use Tortoise SVN (or something other that the client the provider gives me)?

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