MDBDATA logs -Running out of hard drive space HELP

Hi there,
Have an Exchange 2000 server and we are currently running out of hard drive space.  C:\ProgramFiles\EXCHSRVR\MDBDATA is growing exponentially.  5 MB per minute.  I assume the logs being generated in this directory are supposed to be flushed and this is no longer happening.  We are using an offsite solution for backup called EVAULT.  Is there a way I can delete or flush these logs quickly and safely.

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5mb per minute is higher growth than normal, so should be investigated as well.

The log flushing is done when the full backup reports that the job is successful.

NEVER EVER delete the logs by hand.

Go in to ESM, Servers, <your server>, <your storage group>, and right click on the Mailbox Store. Click on the Tab "Database" and see what it says is the time of the last full backup. If it doesn't have one, or is some time ago, then your backup solution isn't flushing the logs correctly, or isn't an Exchange aware backup.

The quickest way to flush the logs is to use ntbackup and backup the information store to hard disk somewhere.
When the job completes, the logs should be flushed.

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