Combo box values from array generated with table value using DataTable.Rows(index)("fieldname")

I cannot get my combo box to populate with an array that is based on a string in a table I use.

dt is the DataTable
index is a string that contains the index number from a DataRow
array_value is the field name that contains the text     {"", "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Dr."}

       Dim arrCriteria1() As String = dt.Rows(index)("array_value")
       cboCriteria1.DataSource = arrCriteria1

Regardless of what I do I continue to get a "specified cast is not valid" error.

I can however see that dt.Rows(index)("array_value") contains an appropriate value using MsgBox.
I also took the '{}' characters out of the array_value string and set up the command as follows:

       Dim arrCriteria1() As String = {dt.Rows(index)("array_value")}

It displayed the whole string..."", "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Dr." cboCriteria1.Text
I'm assuming it has to do with a conversion.  But I am without the knowledge of it.
This is a critical form in my design.  Without this capability I'm dead in the water.

Thanks for any help!

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Check the Length of your string array. It probably says 1, because the value you are providing is just a string that looks like an array.

To make it into an array use Split like e.g.

    Dim a As String = """test"",""test2"",""test3""" ' example data like you are providing now

    Dim ar() As String = a.Split(","c) ' split the data on the comma

You might want to replace the " with nothing later, but I let that up to your imagination

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TSFLLCAuthor Commented:
That worked like a charm!

My arrays in this form contain a limited number of values.

Therefore, I did remove the quotations altogether.  I also included in empty string for the first value so that no values would display in
my newly defined combo box.

Thanks much!
You're welcome!
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