Autocad Isometric "Stretch" - Convert section to isometric - like photoshop's "Skew"

i am trying to create an isometric drawing of an architectural detail.  i would like to draw a section of the detail in flat plane, and then "skew" the section into isometric, and want to know if this is possible in autocad.  what im trying to do is basicaly exactly like photoshops skew command.

the closest thing ive been able to find is autocads "stretch" command.  see this example:

as you can see, it doesnt stretch "relatively"... it brings all points up the exact amount, rather than bringing points closer to the referenec point up relatively smaller.  here is an example, just using photoshops "skew"... you can see the difference:

i think it should be obvious what im getting at.  does anyone know how to skew in autocad???

im not interested in insanely complicated workaround using the stretch tool - like moving each row of points individually according to the trigonomotry of the distance between them and the reference... i know you can do that, it jus takes lots of time and accuracy.  im really interested in some more straightforward, tried and true method. (although if your workaround makes good sense, that works).
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First if you just want to draw a basic isometric drawing you can draw the section in isometric mode:
from the help file:

To turn on an isometric plane

Click Tools menu Drafting Settings.
In the Drafting Settings dialog box, Snap and Grid tab, under Snap Type & Style, select Isometric Snap.
Click OK.
You can cycle through the three isometric planes by pressing F5.

 Command line: DSETTINGS

You can look up the different things you can do with the isometric snaps, create circles using ellipse's etc. The help files really do a good job of describing how to do this.

Now, if you want a perspective view(skew) you could draw your section normally and use the dview command. The help file talks about this like its for 3d only but it can work on 2d stuff also. You can use this to setup a perspective view in a seperate viewport to simulate a detail, if you use paperspace.
If you your autocad verison has the 3d orbit command you can change the projection using that by right clicking while the command is active and clicking the projection item on the menu. again this works best if you use paperspace and have a seperate viewport for the detail. All that viewport stuff is not as scary as it sounds, if you dont know anything about it.

someone else may have a better way but I've these things and they work good.
also search thel help files for perspective view.

good luck

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here is a link that may give you a peek at isometric drawing. pretty good site, I have nothing to do with it personally.

some about dview:
thanks venabili for volunteering your time, I wish I had the time to...

jjohanson ,
thanks for the points, but why the "c". Just curious.
did my suggestion work for you  or was that not what you were after?
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jjohansonAuthor Commented:
norrin,  your response was thorough and well written... looking back, although i was really looking for a command, i didnt communicate that exactly... so i probably should have graded you higher. is there a way to upgrade?
dont worry about it, i was just curious.
the dview command that I mentioned is probably your best bet for use with existing objects, i should have made that my main suggestion instead of getting into the isometric stuff first.

anyway, did you ever get the results you wanted?
jjohansonAuthor Commented:
yea, dview seemed like a good start... i ended up not having time to do an isometric detail for my project, so never followed through with that, but experimented to enough to see that it would work.  i knew about autocads isometric mode before, its impressive... at least, thats what i thought im comparison with microstation.  we were "forced" to use microstation for most of the term, but i decided to switch to autocad i nthe last few weeks.... boooooyyyy is autocad solid comparatively.
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