cannot open folders from the toolbar

Frontpage 2003 locks up when I click on the folders icon in the toolbar.  

Related to this problem, I believe, is the fact that I cannot Expand/Collapse most of the folders in Windows 2000 Explorer, at least not in the left frame.  Nothing happens when I click on the '+' or '-' box.  The right frame does work properly, however, and is then reflected in the left side.

After viewing a similar question, answered by czpczp, I modified in Regedit Folder/Shell/Explore/Command, Folder/shell/open/command to the following:
"C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE /e,/idlist,%I,%L"  (where mine is %systemroot% instead of c:\.."
but there was no change. (the Explore already had this syntax, the Open did not have the /e,/ so I added that pathpart).

I continue to get the hourglass in the left frame, and I cannot close down Windows Explorer.

I ran Adaware, rebooted, deleted temp files and cookies, did Cleanup.

The big problem is that I cannot open other sites in FrontPage because of this.
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I wonder if this is related: 
andjesdavAuthor Commented:
Also, I tried the sfc scannow.  

It calls for cd with SP 4.  I insert my W2000 cd, but it says I put in the wrong CD, to retry.  I tried disk 2 but that did not work either.  I tried a few times but no luck...
andjesdavAuthor Commented:
I thought I was in the FrontPage topic area.  Sorry about that.

Please move it to FrontPage.  Thank you.
andjesdavAuthor Commented:
I think it did have something to do with a patch downloaded.  Was kind of strange, as I recall now, how there seemed to be an update automatically run, then I got a message which said it was going to restart automatically, and did I want it to be deferred.  I clicked the 'not now' button a few times.  Then I later did a couple cold starts, to no avail, but the next day the problem was gone when I started up my Thinkpad again.  

Points awarded since problem is gone and no other comments were made.  Maybe the solution mentioned in the link would also fix the problem.  Thanks for the suggestion.
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