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     I have an external network hard drive; a router; extra computer. What would be the best way to use these to work with 2 more computers?
The 2 computers are used 1 by my wife and 1 by me. All 3 computers have windows xp-pro and ps-9.
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Wooky JackCommented:
Make sure the external network hard drive, and all 3 computers are behind your router and that dhcp is enabled.  Enable file sharing on all computers and external hardware.

Can you provide a little more explanation of what else you mean of how you'd like it set up?  Home, office, for other users?  What OS?
nvslaterAuthor Commented:
 I thought dhcp was auto enabled, how would I check ? Three computers and external hard drive are plugged into output side of router. I would like it set-up single user or the easiest way possible. All computers have Windows XP-Pro and stand alone Photoshop CS2.
  I named the computers Mars,Venus and Pluto. The external hard drive is named  Netcenter and has lots of capabilities.
  I also have a program called Karen's Replicator, which I have been using to back-up Mars to Venus and Pluto. All pictures are only on Mars. Karen puts a copy on the desktop of Venus (to be run manually) and on the desktop of Pluto (to be run auto every 30 minutes).
  My plan would be to make my life easier. Maybe something like this: Netcenter,Mars, Venus and Pluto connect to router
   ( this link describes SMC700VBR my router is SMC700ABR. I will look for better info); Netcenter and Venus have Photosnop and assigned a workgroup; Mars and Pluto dont have Photoshop, but do have Karen and assigned a different workgroup.
nvslaterAuthor Commented:
 Or what about this; Phtoshop on Venus, Netcenter to recieve from Venus and send to Mars and Pluto (neither of which have Photoshop installed)
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Wooky JackCommented:
Your second suggestion sounds like that would be the best to go with because photoshop is directly where you are working from and when you are done with an image it backs up on Mars and Pluto.

If you were to go backwards from that formation you might have system haults or slower progress trying to reach through another two computers when you could just be working from two computers and sending information out instead of having to go back and forth.  Does that make sense?  Less stress definately.

DHCP might be enabled already, depends on the router.  To check if DHCP is enabled already:
Click Start/Run
type "CMD" and hit Enter
When the black dos box pops up type "ipconfig" and hit Enter.

In that log that pops up showing you your IP settings you should see if DHCP is enabled or disabled.  you can also try pinging the other computers just to make sure a secure and fast connection exists between them all if there isn't a steady one yet.

let me know if I may help with anything else!
nvslaterAuthor Commented:
 I dont know how to set this up. Is there anything I need to do with the router? And What kind of trick do I use to set-up the external network drive ( I have not set different workgroups yet), so that there is no photoshop necessary on Mars and Pluto? I do know how to use Karen to backup Venus to Mars and Pluto.
nvslaterAuthor Commented:
I guess the biggest problem would be passing Photoshop through netcenter.
Wooky JackCommented:
Ah, I thought you already had it set up.

My advice would be to contact the Page Editor MHenry located to the left of this thread and see how he can help you or if he knows someone who knows more about networking devices.  I commented to this thread because I'm more of a photoshop savy person, but I did my best.

You should definately receive some help by contacting the PE though, good luck! and sorry I can't help you any further on how to set up the devices!

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nvslaterAuthor Commented:
 Thank you for your help.
Wooky JackCommented:
Wow thanks for the points!  I was passing it off to someone else.  Did you post a new question in Networking then?
nvslaterAuthor Commented:
 No. I was trying to email MHENRY.  Do you think I should?
Wooky JackCommented:
Either email MHenry or post a new question in Networking Topic Area and someone should be able to help you out.  

Let me know if you need help with anything else.
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