still having problems with compile errors in atlbase.h.. getting very irritated!

I am at an absolute loss here, and getting very frustrated. I installed visual studio 6 on a new computer, followed by the platform SDK and DirectX9 and my app will no longer compile.

I get all kinds of errors like:
:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\atl\include\atlbase.h(305) : error C2065: '_vsnprintf_instead_use_StringCbVPrintfA_or_StringCchVPrintfA' : undeclared identifier
e:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\atl\include\atlbase.h(338) : error C2065: '_vsnwprintf_instead_use_StringCbVPrintfW_or_StringCchVPrintfW' : undeclared identifier
e:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\atl\include\atlbase.h(5515) : error C2065: 'lstrcpy_instead_use_StringCbCopy_or_StringCchCopy' : undeclared identifier
e:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\atl\include\atlbase.h(5989) : error C2065: 'lstrcat_instead_use_StringCbCat_or_StringCchCat' : undeclared identifier

error C2065: 'strcpy_instead_use_StringCbCopyA_or_StringCchCopyA' : undeclared identifier


I've installed and uninstalled and reinstalled the platform SDK and various releases of the DX sdk, following directions here:

My library/include paths are all defined properly as far as I can tell, but still nothing gets rid of these compile errors. I have never seen them before on the old computer, so something must be mis-aligned or improperly installed.  All my google searches for that error message have only led me in circles, yet nothing is working.

Somebody out there must have had this problem. It is not my code, my code was compiling without errors before I got a new computer.

Anybody? It has brougth my work to a complete standstill :(
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It looks like compiler cannot find _vsnprintf definition. Try to include <stdio.h> before atl headers.
PMH4514Author Commented:
all that frustration and that's all it was!

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