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Hi Expert.

Need help on setting up domino server r5 to allow email redirect. Here's the scoop

External email accounts created

I've turned on redirection so that it can be directed to the domino server ->

However nothing happens. No bounce back or anything.

So i went ahead to change the to it redirects fine.
This tells me that our domino server doesn't allow incoming redirection somehow.
Can someone help me out where in domino i would have to allow this???



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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I suppose you set up redirection for your external provider's account, say "xxxmail". Normally, you would use some webmail to read the mail received at xxxmail, now you want those mails redirected to your Domino server. Is that it?

Normally, this would need no configuration whatsoever on the side of the Domino server, unless there's some firewall or whatever that blocks all mails from xxxmail. If redirection is configured correctly at xxxmail, it should work.

And nothing happens?
IF 1: if xxxmail tried to contact your server, there is a connection request message in the log.nsf database.
IF 2: if the connection is refused by Domino (for some reason), there is a connection refusal message in the log.nsf database.
IF 3: if the mail itself is refused, you'll find that also in the log.nsf database.

May I suggest you do this:
- rearrange the redirection in xxxmail as you want it, to your Domino server
- send a mail (externally) to your xxxmail account (record the time!!)
- wait a few minutes and then start checking the log.nsf database around the time you sent the mail (say 5 minutes of logging)

What do you see?
Where have you turned on "redirection?"

Usually, these instructions are set in your MX records (I can be wrong).  The only thing you do in R5 is set up a Global Domain Document to tell it to receive multiple domain names, and turn on SMTP listener task.  So, the Domino Server listens on Port 25, grabs mail, processes mail sent to it's domain, or those named in the GlobalDomain Document and then passes it on.  Mail it cannot process it holds and then returns.

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