Resetting a 3Com® SuperStack® II Switch 3300

I just bought an used 3Com® SuperStack® II Switch 3300. Is there a way to reset it? Since I don't know it's password and Im quite insecure that I would get it from the seller. Also I wonder what the default IP is if I reset it.
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To reset to factory defaults, follow these steps:
1) Using a Null-Modem Cable , hook up the Console port of the switch to an available COM port on a computer (cable must be able to provide serial port communication between 2 computers).
2) Set up a Hyperterminal session to that COM port (e.g.: com1), with the port settings at 9600/8/N/1/N (. When the screen comes up blank with a blinking cursor, hit [enter] once or twice to bring up a login prompt.
3) Alternative to 1 and 2 above, if there is a known assigned TCP/IP address for the switch, one can telnet to that address, hit [enter] once or twice to get the login prompt.
4) Default logins to try are admin/(no password) or security/security. One of those 2 should bring up the management menu.
5) To reset factory defaults, type SYSTEM[enter] then type INITIALIZE[enter]. This will reset everything that has been set up on the switch, with the exception of the TCP/IP address, if there is one. All other previous configurations will need to be re-entered.
Naser GabajE&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
user name is admin, and password is admin, if no joy, try manager, manager


Good luck

try connecting via serial console cable
from there you should be able to access the switch, and reset the defaults as well as the pasword

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bjqrnAuthor Commented:
Is there a way using the ethernet interface instead of the console port?
ry this

Login: 3comcso
Password: RIP000

or this

1. firmware (for a Superstack II 3000 like I have) the url is  ;
2. a null modem cable
3. a TFTP Server software you can download it from 3com called 3CServer (make sure you set the TFTP folder where the firmware file is located)
Once you have all this in hand do the following.
1. Connect the null-modem cable, configure Hyper Terminal for windows users to the com port you have connected, normal com setting N-8-1 none and VT100, connect to switch (login should appear if not don't worry console may be disable)
2. configure and start your TFTP Server
3. on the switch push the reset button 2 seconds
4. wait 3 seconds
5. push reset button again for 1 second
6. you should see the prompt after a few seconds at the prompt line type the following commands
    F  ls3k3_23.slx  (firmware file name) "press enter"
    B  IPAddress of TFTP Server "press enter"
After firmware update the switch will reboot and the passwods will fall back to factory default.
bjqrnAuthor Commented:
There is no reset button on the switch
I have also SuperStack II 3300 and I am trying to reset it to factory default settings, because i don't know the password for admin or security -account (they have been changed by the previous owner). Also the seller did not know password to these accounts. At the moment i am using the switch with manager -account.

The problem is, that when I try to reset the switch in system-menu, there is no "initialize" and the switch don't recognize the command. There is just "reset" but it does not affect login names and passwords. Any ideas?
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