Is there a way to convert Groupwise 6 emails to MS Outlook 2000?

Currently we were running GW 6 we had a meltdown and I need to be able to get the old emails out of GW and convert them to Outlook 2000.  Yes I know this is not a current version either but this is what we have. This is a very critical issue and any help is appreciated.  My experience level is novice to medium. Thank you !
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You're going to have to describe your situation a LOT better.


1) VERSION of GroupWise (v6.0? v6.5? What SP level?) ?

2) PLATFORM on which it is running?

3) VERSION of the platform, including any SPs?

4) Exactly what is a "meltdown"?

5) Exactly what is the current state of the GroupWise system?

6) Are there clean backups available?
From your Question, can we assume that someone else botched their job, screwed up GroupWise, and now the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater (i.e. GroupWise is going to be blamed for that someone else not knowing what they were doing)?
bflcsAuthor Commented:
1. GW 6.0
2. Windows or Server Novell 5.1 sp8
3. Workstations ... mostly Win 2000  and XP PRO. sp1
4. It's broke.. ???? We shut it down and are using webmail. and want to pop it to Outlook.'
5. It is shutdown and not working externally, works internally. (Turned off the gwia and are using webmail. yuk. desperation. )
6. Tapes... yes. haven't explored them can still access files on server.
Is this enough information?
Would like to convert old emails to Outlook? Is this possible?
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The only way I know of to convert old emails to Outlook is to export them.  You need to access them via a GroupWise client to do that.  So, you may as well just fix your GroupWise setup and be done with it, and forget that security-hole-maker Outlook altogether.

If you *can* access them via the GroupWise client, then the problem isn't that GroupWise broke, but that someone hosed the internet configuration, whether it be GWIA, NetWare, your ISP, your router, someone forgot to renew your domain registration, etc.

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1) OK, GroupWise v6.0, which is an outdated version. Latest is v7.0 and SP1 for it should be released soon. You still haven't clarified what SP is on GroupWise.

2) There is no "Novell 5.1". "Novell" is a company. You didn't say "Micro$oft 2000", you said "Win 2000". It's "NetWare v5.1" - that's the product. OK, so NetWare v5.1 SP8.

3) OK, using what VERSION of LookOut! ??

4) Tells us nothing. Perhaps its just mis-configured. Rather than trying to jury-rig a "solution" using the most-hacked mail client in the world, might it not be better to fix what was done wrong? After all, thousands of GWIAs around the world, including ours, run just fine and we're not shutting it down or trying to replace it with webmail.

5) GroupWise is shut down? Or just the GWIA? WHY was it shut down? What EXACTLY is the "problem"?

6) Not of use in your situation

"Is this enough information?"

No, not really, you've not answered a lot of queries.

"Would like to convert old emails to Outlook? Is this possible?"

Not directly. If you enable IMAP access on the POA, you can login to your mailbox using LookOut! and treating GroupWise as an IMAP message store. POP support requires the GWIA (only IMAP is available through the POA). When you login with LookOut!, you can copy messages to a local .PST.

There is a GroupWise Plug-In for LookOut! - the older version (for LookOut! before 2003) was never a fully-supported product. The newer version shipped with GroupWise v7, but requires a v7 back-end.
GW6.0 didn't have IMAP on the POA - they'd have to set up IMAP access through GWIA, and their GWIA is down for unexplained reasons...
bflcsAuthor Commented:
okay guys, you have me researching the options of new server/hardware, new OS, netware 6.5 and upgrading to 7.0 groupwise.  
I take you point about "lookout".  
Thanks for your help.
If you want further help on getting your existing setup working once again, let us know more about the environment and why (as best as you can tell) it isn't working.
bflcsAuthor Commented:
I think you guys are awesome.  Someone like me with little experience but all the problems sure appreciates the help.  I get very frustrated and don't know where to turn and I always seem to get the answers or at the very least pointed in the right direction! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
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