Solaris 8: NIC Loses IP Address On Reboot

I have a box with a fresh installation of Solaris 8; the installation completed succesfully but I'm having a problem getting the network card to "remember" its IP address.  I have tried editing the network configuration files manually as well as using 'ifconfig' all with the same result: the NIC will initially take the address that I give it and allow traffic in both directions with no errors until reboot, whereupon it will default back to and stop working.

'ifconfig -a' shows after reboot even though '/etc/hostname.hme0' and '/etc/hosts' both are both always set for - if I run 'ifconfig hme0' the correct address will show up for 'ifconfig -a' and the NIC will function nomrally until reboot.

How can I get the NIC to "remember" its IP address?
Rishi ChopraSoftware EngineerAsked:
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Can you do the following and return the output:

ls -la /etc/hostname.hme*
cat /etc/hostname.hme0
cat /etc/hosts
Check if  /etc/hostname.hme0
has leadind '\n' after


This may help.
Also grep all occasions of in /etc/ and /etc/rc*/*
previous admin might left something there
Make sure that your /etc/hosts file looks like:       localhost mybox.mydomain mybox     loghost


/etc/hostname.hme0 file

looks like:

or just

/etc/nodename file looks like


PS: you need to replace "mybox" and "mydomain" with the real hostname and domainname of your box

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with a single IP without hostname in /etc/hosts, should also work.

You may need to modify  /etc/netmasks with an entry which looks something like this:
Rishi ChopraSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
I believe the reason for the error was one of two things:

(1) the '/etc/hosts' file which had an entry like: roswell loghost

rather than roswell loghost

(2) the '/etc/netmasks' has an entry like:

rather than

The only change I made was this file; once I made the change and rebooted the correct IP stuck.
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