serial ATA seen as scsi

hello.  I'm working on a system here that has a barracuda ST380817AS 80 gig SATA drive.
motherboard is a MS-7142 version 1.

sp with service pack two has the drive listed as:

ST380817 AS SCSI disk device

also, in xp it is listed as local drive F:
i'd like to change this to drive C:  
the real problem though is just the fact that it is listed as an SCSI device and it's not an SCSI drive.
anyone know how to correct this?

in event viewer i'm getting paging operation errors and this error:

the device \device\scsi\viamraid1 did not respond within the timeout period.

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It is normal for SATA drives to appear as SCSI.  If this is your OS drive, you will not be able to move it except by removing all other drives and reinstalling the OS; otherwise, you should go into disk management in control panel->admin tools->computer management.  For the error, you may want to check if the drives are compatible with your controller; ie, SATA II drives may need to be slowed down to SATA I to work with SATA I controllers.

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linuxroxAuthor Commented:
I see.  well, this isn't my system.  it's a friends computer and i'm not sure if it is a serial II drive.  i suppose it's a via controller.  how do you slow the drive down to SATA I specfifications?  is there a good place to go to check on compatibility for drives/controllers?

thanks again.
The drive should have a jumper in the same location where IDE drives have jumpers that will force the drive to run at SATA I specs.  I don't know of any central location that has incompatabilities, but the presence of the jumper indicates that it is a widespread possibility.
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linuxroxAuthor Commented:
ok, hopefully seagate has a tech pdf that can tell me the jumber for that.  i'm downloading updated SATA drivers from VIA also so hopefully that will remedy the situation.  ever heard of bad problems just because windows xp is installed on F:\windows instead of the normal C:\Windows
No problems when installed on F - I have a system where this happened.  It makes viruses and spyware work a little harder, too.
linuxroxAuthor Commented:
it looks like this motherboard doesn't support SATA II and that is what the hard drive is :)
i don't know which jumpers on the back of the drive are used to set the speed back :)
there are for jumpers side by side like: ****
they are horizontal and not vertical like:
* *
* *

In section 2.1, table 2.
It says SATA 1.0 and SATA II are supported.
It also says in various places the jumper block is for factory use only.

This tells me that you need to do nothing to configure between SATA 1 and SATA 2 for this drive.
The problems must be elsewhere..
linuxroxAuthor Commented:
ok.  well for the MSI motherboard i managed to get my hands on the cd that came with it and installed the automatic online update for bios and drivers for the mboard.  i updated all of that and now XP shows the drive as an SATA drive instead of scsi.  things are working ok it seems but bootup is quite slow.  i'm simply going to tell my friend to give it a week or so and see if it locks up anymore and wont boot up; if it does, junk it and get something else.  i didn't build the thing so i'm not real concerned.  the pc i built for myself doesn't do that :)
thanks again !
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