watchguard x500 default

For some reason I am unable to get back into my watchguard x500, For some reason the password is not working, is there a way to reset this box back to default , if so how ?  or is there a way to find out the password.  . help Please!~
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follow these instructions to reset your firebox to default factory settings

1 Disconnect the power supply.
2 Hold down the Reset button on the front of the Firebox.
3 Connect the power supply while you continue to hold down the
Reset button.
4 Continue to hold down the button until the yellow Attn light
comes on and stays on. This shows you that the Edge has been
successfully reset.
im sorry, the instructions i gave you are for a different model

you can reset your password by doing the following

Resetting Firebox Passphrases
WatchGuard recommends that you periodically change the Firebox
passphrases for optimum security. To do this, you must
have the current configuration passphrase. From Policy Manager:
1 Open the configuration file running on the Firebox.
For more information, see “Opening a configuration from the
Firebox” on page 44.
2 Select File => Save => To Firebox.

3 Use the Firebox drop-down list to select a Firebox or enter
the Firebox IP address. Enter the configuration passphrase.
Click OK.
The Firebox Flash Disk dialog box appears.

4 Select the checkbox marked Save To Firebox and the radio
button marked Save Configuration File and New Flash
Image. Clear the checkbox marked Make Backup of
Current Flash Image. Click Continue.

5 Enter and confirm the new status (read-only) and
configuration (read/write) passphrases. The status and
configuration passphrases must be different from one
another. Click OK.
The new image, including the new passphrases, is saved to the
Firebox, and the Firebox automatically restarts.

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Method 3: Using the Reset Button
Before you start, assign the IP address of your management station
to be on the network. Do not use the address, which is being held by the Firebox as a
default. The subnet is
It is recommended that you give your computer’s default gateway
an IP address of
1 Disconnect the Firebox from the network.
Start with the Firebox turned off. Hold down the Reset
button on the back of the Firebox (for Firebox III) or the Up
arrow (for Firebox X) and turn on the Firebox power switch.
On a Firebox X, you can release the Up arrow when the LCD
display shows “Booting SysB.”
On a Firebox III, do not let go of the Reset button until you
see this light sequence:
External light on Triangle: Blinks
Trusted => Optional traffic (Activity): Flashing lights
Sys B: Flickering
Armed: Steady
2 Connect a crossover cable to the management station and
into the Firebox trusted interface (labeled “1” on the
Firebox X).
3 Open a DOS prompt, and ping the Firebox with You should get a reply.
4 In Policy Manager, select File => Open => Configuration
File. Select the configuration file you want to load onto the
Firebox and load it into Policy Manager.
5 In Policy Manager, select File => Save => To Firebox. When
you are asked for the IP address of the Firebox, use with wg as the passphrase.
6 When the Firebox Flash Disk dialog box appears, click the
button marked Save Configuration File and New Flash
7 After the file has been restored on the Firebox, you will have
to reassign the IP address of your management station such
that it is on the same network as the trusted interface from
Method 3: Using the Reset Button
User Guide 355
configuration file that you just used. This will enable you to
reconnect to the Firebox.
After the configuration has been uploaded and the Firebox has
been rebooted, the Firebox X LCD panel displays this:
Firebox X<model number>
SysA - Armed
On a Firebox III, the light sequence should look like this:
Armed light: steady
Sys A light: steady
focusenAuthor Commented:
So on the x500 if I get it to boot sys b what is the default username and password s?
Francois KoutchoukCTOCommented:
old question, but I do not see a response.  "admin" does not work as a passphrase when trying to save the config using SysB
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