Network Printer kills switch

OK. I have a des-1250g switch (D-Link) when I hook a network printer up i have a problem. only when someone prints the network goes out. I than have to unplug the cat-5 and plug it into another port. than it works fine until I try to print agian. the document will print but right after that the network goes out? I have installed 2 network printers and had the same problem. I have no clue why it does this. could it be my switch? and one ever had this happen to them too?

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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Configure the Network Printer with a STATIC IP address instead having it receive IP dynamically from your Router
I suspect your switch is interpreting part of the print stream as an escape sequence or command.  I would try another one and replace it if the other one works.
SkunnyAuthor Commented:
it has a static IP. I think my switch's are funky but they are NEW and only these color lasers seem to be having this problem cause I have over 20 network printers coming off the same switch

also can someone explane this "I suspect your switch is interpreting part of the print stream as an escape sequence or command."
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
@skunny...I agree with Callandor...perhaps you can download the latest web management utility;

and see the monitoring of the port.. what goes through OR not. there may be a configuration setting that needs to be turned on/off.
Hi make sure the only 2 protocol settings that are enabled are snmp and tcp/ip these should be off smb, ipp, lpd, port 9100,if the printer has the protocol features like http service and email have these disabled only to verify the printer will work ok on the network,

test with snmp and tcp/ip if the printer still does not work let us know,

there is one way you can have it running temporarily, that is to put a pc next to the printer hook it up locally share that printer then create your que on your print server pointing to that shared printer. just a thought to get you out of trouble

D-link makes really flakey hardware, every D-link box I have got or try to work with, have to scrap it or send back.  Hook up printer to plain vanilla, OLD 10 base hub, give it static IP outside DHCP range but inside entier class C for network.  Set up to print (local port, bottom box, TCP/IP port, and give the printer IP number.).  This is a flawless connect, it always works, talking hundreds of printers, never a problem.
OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsCommented:
I've seen this problem before.

When the printer goes to print, it causes a voltage drop on your line (not much, but just enough) and causes your router to crash. Get a cheap battery backup unit for the router or plug the router into a different outlet than the printer.

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Totally you got a voltage problem, separate the printer form the outlet the router is on. that should solve your problem, dlinks are very susceptible to voltage spikes and drops.
since your printer draws so much power for the fuser it then releases that power back to the line and boom your dlink drops like a fly.

OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsCommented:
whoa whoa whoa, who do the points go to?
I would say my comment is correct, i didnt notice it is similar to datadude, but mine is more detailed and specific he just generalized.
 i explained completly with full details.
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