Keyboard input in Chinese DOS6.22

I'm currently playing with MSDOS6.22 Chinese Edition.  It uses something called PDOS and a keyboard called HZKBD (presumably HangZi).  I can switch between English and Chinese quite easily by pressing Ctrl Space.  In Chinese mode, I can type in words in Pin Yin and it comes up with the top 10 ideographs with that sound.  My problem is, if the ideograph that I want isn't in the list, how do I get it to show me the next 10?

eg If I want the jing as in BeiJing.  I type jing and get 10 variants but not the Jing as in BeiJing.  How do I move to the next 10?  The alternative is to type beijing and get two characters, move over the jing and delete the bei but I don't really want to do that.
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Maybe PageUp / PageDown?
cupAuthor Commented:
No - that doesn't work.  I've tried Page up/down, shift Page up/down, ctrl Page up/down, alt pageup/down, ctrlshift page up/down, ctrlalt page up/down, shiftalt pageup/down and ctrlshiftalt page up/down.

I've even tried left & right shift, left & right ctrl, right alt with all the combinations, right ctrl with all the combinations.

In fact, I've tried those combinations on all the F keys, arrows, page, insert, home, end.  I can't think of anything else.
Maybe "-" (minus sign) and "=" (equal sign)?

According to .

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cupAuthor Commented:
Can't read the stuff on that site but yes, your suggestion works.  Thanks
cupAuthor Commented:
Finally managed to read the page: I had to take a copy and add the following line to the header.  Basically the charset wasn't set so, on my system, it defaulted to ANSI which comes out as gibberish.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=gb2312">
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