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How can I find the IP address of my Linksys WRT54G configured as a wireless access point on my network?

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Last Modified: 2013-11-09
I have a WRT54G configured as an access point (not performing routing funcitons). I assume it is getting its IP from the router on the network. Wireless connections work fine, but I need to secure it, so I am looking for the IP so I can access the configuration screens for the WRT54G.

I have tried the IPs listed in the DHCP client table on the router, but none of them are the IP of the WRT54G, or at least I can't bring up the config screens when I try to navigate to any of those IPs...

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do a arp -a

that tells you all the ips your computer has connected to.

(from the dos prompt)

start/run/cmd [OK]

arp -a
go to command prompt

start > run > cmd


ipconfig /all

it will give you a bunch of info, next to default gateway it will show an IP, most like 192.168.x.1

type that into your web broswer, that is the address of your linksys


ok, arp -a from the wirelessly connected computer or the server still is only returning entries for the computers on the network, not for the WRT54G.

tried ipconfig /all and the default gateway for the wirelessly connected computer is the IP of my router, not the WRT54G...

any other ideas?

you try the scanner?

can you reset the power on the AP?

if its not too much trouble the easy way is to HARD reset it to mfr defaults by sticking a paperclip in the reset hole in the back, you will have to reconfigure it after that though.

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if it is one of those ips you tried navigating to, some part of it could have crashed internally and wont respond., (thats why I suggested the power cycle)... I have seen routers act funny, and not bring pages up even though they can route....
well, you could always hook directly into the access point via a cat5e cable and run the CD setup (which will search for the linksys)..with not actually going through the setup, but just connecting to it to find IP.

Can you hook a laptop with the same IP network number up to it and run CD setup?

Hope this helps.
or do a arp -a hardwired.

you can also do a broadcast ping, which will send a ping packet to all devices in the network. you must use the bradcast address of your network, which is the highest address in your subnet: if you have a subnet 192.168.1.x with a subnet mask of, then you should ping My WAP54g does respond on a broadcast ping, your WRT54g may do so too..
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As you have found out:

Doing a arp -a will NOT show you the IP address of a device.  It will show you the mac to IP address mapping for IP hosts on the same subnet(s) as your comptuer that you have talked to recently (within the last 5 minutes normally).

If the wrt54g is NOT doing routing, then you will not see any entry in the arp table for it.

And, again, if the wrt54g is not doing routing, then its IP address will not be the default gateway, or any gateway for that matter.

Now.  Craig_200X is correct.  You need a scanning utility.  Superscan is fine, so is nmap (http://www.insecure.org/nmap/index.html) is also a good one.  All you need to do is customize the scan so that it will show you all hosts that are listening on port 80 within your subnet.  Then connect to each server that is listening on that port.

However, if you don't know what IP address it is listening on are you going to know the current admin password?  Again, Craig_200X is on the right track suggesting that you do a hard reset.  The only issue with that is if you don't know the current IP address and you don't know the current admin password, then you most likely have no idea what the current configuration is.

How do you want to secure it?  Seems fairly secure to me right now. :)  All joking aside, what do you want to do to secure it?

You are trying to do this:

                  /        \
                PC          WRT54G

To access the WRT54G you need to connect like this

                         PC with DHCP most likely.

When you're connect follow upstairs advice to find out what your IP is and there you go.. you're in the game.


try this

use an XP machine off of the network and set up UPnP interface in the control panel>add/rem progs>add/rem components>networking services. Also set up an dialup internet connection and share it. Now connect the WRT54G directly to the pc using cross cable or connect both to a hub or switch. the wrt54g shoulg get the ip or it should show up in My network places as a UPnP device( make sure you cilck on show icons... on left coulmn)


Keep in mind that wireless access points act as bridges, not routers.  It probably has an IP address for management, but it doesn't have to, and if it does, it doesn't have to be in the same network as the rest of the LAN.  It's a rather transparent device once the wireless connection is up and running.

If the address hasn't been changed from the factory setting, you should be able to find it at  I'd try setting a static address on the wireless interface to something like and see it it will answer you.  Once done, set the wireless interface back to what it was before.

Hope this helps,
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You do NOT need to use a crossover cable to connect a PC to a WRT54G, it is designed to directly connect to a PC.

jkwasson, you may need to be clearer on how you beleive you have the WRT54G configured and used.

The WRT54G with the standard Linksys firmware operates in two modes, Gateway and Router.  You may be using it as a WAP, but it is either Gateway or Router.   If you have nothing connected to the WAN port, then it could be used as a plain switch/WAP.  If you have something connected to the WAN port then you are using it as a Gateway/Router.

The WRT54G's "LAN" IP address must be statically coded, so a IP subnet scan for port 80 will help you find it as long as it's IP address is on the same subnet as your PC's.  Just as a note, if you are only using this for a switch/WAP (nothing on the WAN port), its IP address does not need to be on the same IP subnet as your PC's, so you may have a very difficult time finding the IP address.


Hey guys,
thanks for all the input. I am going to be working on this again this afternoon. I'll post back after I have tried all your suggestions...

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