Stopping specific DB replication on a cluster

We have clustered Domino 6.5 servers. We'll call them A & B. A is our "primary" server and B is used mostly for failover. A is getting low on disk space and we're trying to move some of the lesser used DBs to just B.

One of the policies we've implemented is with users who leave the company. We still need their mail for at least 30 days, but it doesn't need to be on the A server. I delete the user but not the mail file and then establish a mail-in DB document for all incoming mail, pointing it to the copy of their mail file on the B server. At this point, we no longer need the user's mail file on Server A.

I delete the DB (right-click, delete) on A but it always gets replicated back from B. How do I stop this in a clustered environment on specific databases? I've tried clearing the replication history and even moving the file to another folder.

Originally, the copy on B is originally a replica of A. I don't know if this matters.

I've got about 3 GB of space that could be freed up by getting this issue solved.  Thanks!
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I don't have a cluster handy to check this out on but I thought there was something in the Cluster Database Directory cldbdir.nsf on the server where you could remove a particular database from the cluster.
Actually, to be more accurate, I believe you can disable cluster replication for individual databases from the Cluster Database Directory.  Then if you delete a database from one server in the cluster it shouldn't replicate back.

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If you don't need the replica, and are using the mail-in database to collect mail, then normally what I have done is  make it a new copy using a vanilla template (this way it doesn't try to look for calendar profiles), this way it's not a replica and the server won't try to replicate it.

Plain Mail Template:,mail  (it's version R5, but easy to upgrade)
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