internet/wireless problem

I have a network that has all static IP address in the 10. etc range
They want to add a wireless router to the mix and give access to 2 computers on the network to the wireless all printers etc etc
BUT they also want customers in the waiting room to have internet without getting to there network.  and to also have the router secure so anyone outside of place can not get on internet.  Is there a way to do this with one router?  Or do they need 2 and maybe have the customers on different subnet? But if so how do I get it to connect to internet if its on the different subnet? And will this keep it network private.  Or am I completely wrong and how would be the best way to do this.
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I would take a peek at Cisco's aironet devices.  These can use multiple SSIDs.  You could have a "company-secure" SSID and a "company-public" SSID.  Put the public in its own VLAN and that will prevent those users from accessing the rest of your network.  You would even leave encryption off that one if you so choose.  

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
2 routers with 2 subnets... one router for the customers and one for the company computers.  your 2 routers should connect to a hub, which in turn is connected to your cable modem/dsl modem.  both routers will point to the cable/dsl modem as the default gateway.  this will allow customers and the company to get onto the internet at the same time, and it will keep the customers off the company computers.  (just be sure of how you are sharing files on the company computers)

to keep people outside the building off your network, you will need to set up a password.  i recommend running WPA-PSK on the company computers  :

for your customers, just use WPA (so there is no configuration on the customer's computer other than inputting the correct password when they select to join your network).  customers should be informed that the connection is not extremely secure (or they should just know this...).  to set up WPA, just go through the settings on the router and enable WPA.  set a password.  also change the SSID to something other than default.
Hi i would go with rvthost suggestion of the cisco airbridge, if you already have all the hardware, even try breaking the network up into 2 Vlans company private company public, you do not need cisco equipment or 2 routers to do this,

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jmcaulayAuthor Commented:
Any idea how much the cisco's device would go for a link to one that would what you suggest?

I believe the Cisco Aironet 1100 series can handle multiple SSIDs.  They cost about $400-500 I believe.  I haven't had a chance to take a good look at others, but I'm sure there's probably a vendor that does the same thing for less dollars.  Depends if money is a big issue or not ;-)  
Check out DLinks DSA3100.  I run this at a local resort for public and private access.  It works great and isn't that expensive.
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