bios password URGENT

how can i reset the a bios password of HP D220 desktop
i have took the battery of and kept for few min
when i turn on the system date was changed, but still its askin for password
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that's not the method, there is another component that hold the power.
you better look in motherboard manual for a jumper to do that job, or search it on the motherboard something like "clear CMOS".
lacate it and usually hold the jumper a few seconds and let the battery in its place.
tell me if it's working.

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That's not always true. On some systems removing the battery will do it. Also on some all the jumper does is short the + and - of the battery together - same effect/method as removing the battery. (Kills the power to the CMOS momentarily.)

However, the newer the system the less likely that method will work.
Like everything else things have gotten more advanced.
Some systems (usually laptops) actually have a security chip on the mainboard.

On THIS board:
You have two Jumpers named JP1 and JP2 for the CMOS.

Pins 1 + 2 connected -Normal- (Default)
Pins 2 + 3 connected -Safe-
No jumper -Recovery-

Pins 1 + 2 connected -Locked-
Pins 2 + 3 connected -Unlocked- (Default)

I'll try to find some more details.

Another note:
You need to have the system unplugged FROM THE WALL when you use the battery removal method.
ATX power supplies (not the battery) power the CMOS whenever it's plugged in even if the system is 'off'.
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according to hp's hardware upgrade guide for that model.. if the a/c is UNPLUGGED and you remove the battery, the cmos will be cleared.
there is also a CMOS switch, just off the end of the secondary IDE controller (the end AWAY from where the power plugs into the motherboard). again, with the A/C unplugged, push that switch in for five seconds, then release.
The computer's configuration (CMOS) may occasionally be corrupted. If it is, it is necessary to clear the CMOS
memory using by performing the following procedure:

CAUTION: The power cord must be disconnected from the power source before changing the jumper
setting. (NOTE: All LEDs on the board should be OFF). Failure to do so may damage the system board
1. Turn off the computer and any external devices, then disconnect the power cord from the power outlet.
2. Remove the access panel.
3. Locate the switch CMOS and press the button, holding it down for 5 seconds.
4. Replace the access panel.
5. Connect the power cord to the power outlet.
6. Turn on the computer, allow it to start.
NOTE: Clearing CMOS clears all passwords.

found on this URL
that's what i just said. :)
I suspect nltech is correct however I haven't found the blurb to confirm it for that specific model.
He may have...
It is true on similar vintage HP's so it will probably work..
lol sorry...seems we were typing at the same time(look at the times posted)
fyi. i have found, at least with firefox anyway... you can hit reload on the toolbar and not lose what you've typed.. i always reload a q before posting if it's been more than a couple minutes.
Make sure you're dealing with a BIOS password and not a hard drive password... In the latter case you can only hope for finding the correct pw or you get a new HD.
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