internet explorer hangs when I try to pull the drop down menu

I can open IE OK (6.0) and if I type an address it goes OK. But the second I try to drop the pull down menu it hangs and Ihave to do an Alt+ctrl+Del to get out. I scanned for virus and spyware but none that I can see.
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go Add/remove programs in control panel
remove IE6

download it from here

install it again
Try clearing the history, cookies, temporary internet files. Also check Tools ==> Internet Options==> General ==> Settings ==> View Objects ==>Any unwanted program can be disabled here.
Also check if u have JVM/JRE insatlled. IF yes uninsatll the same & reinstall it.
Hi tkthelpdesk,

See if this applies.

Problems in Windows Explorer or the Windows shell after you install security update Q908531 [MS06-015]:[MS06-015]
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