TI-89 for IP (Integer Program)

Can I use TI-89 to get the answer of Integer Program, the example is below. I want to get the max value of Z with the 3 constrains, and all variables >= 0

I know how to solve it, if the question is asking Linear program (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Miscellaneous/Math_Science/Q_21813765.html) but , i don't know can I really use Ti-89 to slove it

Maximize Z = 5X1+4X2
subject to
X1 + X2 <=5
10X1+ 6X2 <= 45
X1, X2 >=0 and integers
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I'm not sure I entirely understand your question... you want to solve that problem without using a program to do so but by using a series of built-in functions?
hsuyfAuthor Commented:
it doesn't matter use program or builtin function. as long as solve the problem. The example I mention above is using a program so it make more easy to solve the problem but the question can be solve by using buildin function as well.

In this Interger program case, I have no any idea what to do by using TI 89
I don't know of built-ins that will do it, but you can write a program that will interate through all combinations (0-5) of x1 and x2, finding the max value for Z

press "Apps"
Select "Program Editor"
Select "New..."
Select type: program
Give it a name (eg: maxz)
Type below for the program
After entering, exit program: press quit (2nd, then ESC)
Run program by typing name, then parens (eg:  maxz()  )

**********PROGRAM CODE**********

0-> mz
For x1,0,5
For x2,0,5


If x1+x2>5 Then

If 10*x1+6*x2>45 Then

If 1=v THen
If z>mz Then



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hsuyfAuthor Commented:
hi ,
thank you for your help, could you please tell me..
what is the symbol "->"?, how can I type it into Ti89?
It's the sto-> key, just above the on button.
hsuyfAuthor Commented:
thank you
How about space? how can I put space after "For" like

For x1,0,5
The easiest way to "type" the control commands is
While in program editor:
press F2 (Select "Control" menu)
Arrow down to "For...EndFor"
Press Enter

This will type a "For " on the current line (including the space) and "EndFor" on the next line

If you just want to type a space, press alpha (purple key),then press "(-)" button (next to Enter)
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