DHCP Service Stops on Network with RIS just installed

Hello Experts,

I have a SBS 2003 network with an additional DC.  The SBS server (SBS) runs DHCP.  I just installed Remote installation services on the additional Server 2003 Standard DC (SRVstd).  RIS requires an authorized DHCP server.  I verified the install of RIS and it seems to have authorized SRVstd as a DHCP server even thought DHCP is not installed.

The DHCP service on SBS stops 1 hour after it is started. On the SBS server when I view authorized DHCP servers, SRVstd shows up.  So I unauthorized it an restarted the DHCP services.  Like clock work the DHCP service stops 1 hour later.

Any ideas why this is and how to stop it?  RIS is very cool and I want to keep it installed, but I also have laptop users and need DHCP to work.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Hi jamie177,

what does the event viewer say when DHCP stops working?

jamie177Author Commented:
Hi Jay_Jay70,

The DHCP/BINL service on this computer running Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server has encountered another server on this network with  IP Address, 10.x.x.x, belonging to the domain: .


The DHCP/BINL service on this computer is shutting down.  See the previous event log messages for reasons.

I decided to just move the DHCP service to the SRVstd.  I don't want another call from my client regarding laptops that can't get on the network.  The bad part is that the service won't be monitored like it was on the SBS server.

Thanks for your intrest in helping.

let me see what i can find on those errors this morning, ill get back to you in a little while
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any chance that you have another DHCP server in a DSL router etc running?
jamie177Author Commented:
I resolved the issue on my own.  I appreciate Jay_Jay70's efforts, but I ultimately had to use other methods to resolve my issues.


could you post your solution for others to reference?
jamie177Author Commented:
Hi Jay Jay70

Well I suppose it was not a solution so much as a tactical retreat :)

I have an sbs 2003 server on IP: and a server 2003 std on IP:

I installed RIS on 104 and pointed the install to the authorized dhcp sbs server on 100.

After that the sbs server would shut the dhcp service off indicating it found another instance of DHCP on (itself?!!)  This caused me to post here for lack of finding a solution on my own.

After a few days to no solution and the laptop users calling me each morning because they could not get on the network I did the following.

- Uninstalled RIS on 104
- Uninstalled/Reinstalled DHCP on 100
- Installed RIS on 100

Ever since life has been good (figuring out RIS and broadcom drivers has been less then enjoyable though).
excellent, as long as all is well :)

thankyou for posting
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