asus a7n8x-vm bios setting

i have a a7n8x-vm board that had a athlon xp 2500+ on it. i upgraded to an athlon xp 3200+. the computer still reports it as a 2500 though. i checked the bios and it says it is a 2500 as well. i upgraded to the latest bios version, but that didn't change anything. below are my system specs. please somebody let me know if you have any suggestions as to what i should do. thank you

asus a7n8x-vm
bios 1009
amd athlon xp 3200+ barton
1gb 400mhz pc3200
80gb western digital
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
If you are overclocking, disable that feature in the BIOS.
the a7n8x-vm is a 333 max fsb board. it can handle a max cpu of a 333 fsb athlon xp 3000+. they did make a 400 fsb version of the board, called a a7n8x-vm/400. look for the pcb rev on the board. if it's not 2.02 or higher, the board doesn't support that cpu.
the a7n8x-vm/400 supports barton core athlon xp 3200+ and semprons up to 3000+ (won't boot up with a sempron without a bios update first).

and iirc, there are no bios settings on this board, the cpu is auto detected. this board was used by a lot of oems, and they tend to not want advanced settings available.. so that's probably why this particular asus board doesn't have the same setting options as others.

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I'm not surprised:
According to Asus your although your board supports PC3200 it only supports 333 Mhz processors and only up to 3000+.
That 3200+ is a 400 MHz bus CPU - isn't it??
You are underclocking it...

netmonkAuthor Commented:
the 3200+ does have 400mhz fsb. thank you all for your input. unfortunatley the board does not have advanced bios settings so there is no way to overclock or anything to tweak it. thank you
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