ActiveX is not supported

I have a fresh install of WIN98SE with all M$ updates applied.

When I use to test Activex it says that: ActiveX is not supported there fore I cannot install AOL V9 with McAfee on my clients computer which requires ActiveX.  I did update all of the M$ fixes using their update which I thought was ActiveX code.

I have another WIN98SE system and it allows ActiveX. It appears that one of the windows updates has turned it off. I downloaded Script 5.6 and installed but no help.

I need to finish this project and get it back to the client. Your help is appreciated.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
In IE6. goto TOOLS-INTERNET OPTIONS, ADVANCED tab, then locate the SECURITY group.  Put a check mark in the Allow Activex component
A full reference page of all the "security" options, including the one stated by irwinpks:
OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Yes, I checked all the IE options. THey are correct but still no ActiveX. BillDL I have several times checked the IE options.

I'm a "computer guru" well, at least I know how to do most stuff.

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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Time to repair IE6

Repairing Internet Explorer

First check that no-one has been playing with the settings! Launch Internet Explorer and select  Tools >Internet Options >Advanced >Restore Defaults. Then close and reopen internet explorer. If its still playing up read on...

1. (NB This will not work on windows 2000) CLick start > run >type sfc /scannow {enter} and have your windows CD handy.

2. Search your hard drive for the "ie.inf" file (Usually in windows\inf\ or winnt\inf) When you have found it right click it and select install. Then reboot. [Running this from command line does the same "rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 %windir%\Inf\ie.inf"]

3. Still not working? CLick Start > settings >control Panel >Add/Remove Programs > internet explorer. Press the Change/Remove button (In windows 9X the button is Add/Remove). If youve upgraded IE you can revert to the previous version by selecting "Restore the previous Windows COnfiguration" but more often you will need "Repair Internet Explorer", then click OK. Reboot.

4. Still not working? CLick Start >Run >type regedit {enter} Navigate to the following key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Active Setup \ Installed Components \ {89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4383} In the right hand pane find the value "IsInstalled" right click it, select modify, then change it to 0 (thats a Zero!).
You can now download and reinstall Internet Explorer (Links below).
NB. If you want to reinstall Outlook Express at the same time perform the same action on this registry key. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Active Setup \ Installed Components \ {44BBA840-CC51-11CF-AAFA-00AA00B6015C}


Description of the Internet Explorer Repair Tool

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP

Repair Internet Explorer 6

OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
OK, I tried irwinpks suggestions.  
1) In win98 the command is just SFC without the /scannow: no solution

2) ran ie.inf, rebooted: no solution

3) Did repair: no solution

4) Changed reg to 0: no solution

KB 318378 is XP only

As a reminder this is a WIN98SE installation.

OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Actual testing address is:
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
What's the feasibility of running a reinstall?  Something may have gotten "zonked" on the instalation.
OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Let's think about this. I have just installed WIN98SE for the second time with the same problem.

I'm not too anixious to do it again but I could since it only takes a few hours. I would prefer a solution.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
This is how I do my fresh installs...

reformat disk
install OS
install drivers that are NOT detected
Windows Update everything EXCEPT .NET Framework components
Install Antivirus software & update to current

Test your activex at this point.

if OK,

then install AOL.
OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Hmm, I did reformat; install WIN98SE; drivers (what a bitch, took me 8 hours to find and install the *&^(%% ethernet card), Updated all downloads but I think I installed .NET; no AV yet. I have yet to install AOL with McAfee since I had problems the first time.

That is where I am now.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
how about before you do anything....

in IE

OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Hmm, also ready to go to bed and sleep on it.

I cannot believe I have spent all this time on this stupid problem. So much for showing a profit on this fix.  

Oh, I also ran into a script 5.6 install problem from M$. I had a valid key but they didn't like it. I had to use another WIN98 machine to download script. I hate their "validation" program.

OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:

Did that
OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Does Windows update use ActiveX? I thought it did. If so, why does it work but not or AOL McAfee?
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
I'm about to call it a night too.. give a shout out when you are at this again
OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks for your suggestions. I have Google the heck out of this problem but no solutions. (Script 5.6 & Dcom were supposed to fix it)

I'll be on it 10AM EDT tomorrow. I'm about to give it back to the client and say I cannot fix it.


I believe your problem is related to this MS update:


And can be reverted (undone) by this patch:

That's an excellent first link about the problems with "Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer" MS06-013.  It clearly applies to IE6 SP1 "when used with" Windows 98 and 98SE as well as all the other OS's.

It looks like you accidentally pasted the wrong url for the patch in the 2nd link.  It relates to "Compatibility Patch for Internet Explorer for Windows XP Service Pack 2"  which applies an ActiveX compatibility patch for MShtml.dll as described in  KB917425 (

The thing about this is that there does not seem to be any indication of a compatibility patch for Win98/98SE, which is why I have avoided installing this Cumulative IE6 SP1 security update on my Win98se computer.  I read the details of KB912812 at and at and all they say is:

>>> "Compatibility Patch – To help enterprise customers who need more time to prepare for the ActiveX update changes discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 912945 (and included in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-013), Microsoft is releasing a Compatibility Patch on April 11, 2006. As soon as it is deployed, the Compatibility Patch will temporarily return Internet Explorer to the previous functionality for handling ActiveX controls. This Compatibility Patch will function until an Internet Explorer update is released as part of the June update cycle, at which time the changes to the way Internet Explorer handles ActiveX controls will be permanent". <<<

All the links just guide you to downloads or back to pages that only apply to Windows 2000, XP, and 2003, except for the small note down the page a bit where Wi9x is mentioned:

>>> "Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 on Windows 98/98SE/ME– Review the FAQ section of this bulletin for details about this version". <<<

The relevant sections of the FAQ say this:

>>> "Are Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Millennium Edition critically affected by one or more of the vulnerabilities that are addressed in this security bulletin?
Yes. Windows 98/98SE and ME are critically affected by the vulnerabilities that are addressed in this security bulletin. Critical security updates for these platforms are available, are provided as part of this security bulletin, and can be downloaded ONLY from the Microsoft Update Web site or from the Windows Update Web site". <<<

The documents relating to this Cumulative IE Update just lead you around in crazy circles when trying to find a patch for IE6 SP1 in Win9x to regain use all the useful and legitimate ActiveX Controls that the update disables.  So, if you have IE6 SP1 in Win9x, and you run Windows update and add the Cumulative Update for IE6 SP1 KB912812, then you have no way (as far as I can see) of patching it to gain more functionality from its tight restrictions.

When I do Windows update in Win9x, I always read the articles to see if the update is relevant.  This one caught my eye because of the above, and I decided to miss out Windows Update at that stage and come back to it in a month or two to see if they have sorted out this mess.

Thanks for your comment Bill.

And yes, I did post this same message in the Browsers thread, added to my database, and forgot to mark it XP only...

I don't have any Win98 machine around to test it, but my XP shows KB912812 in Add/Remove Programs.

OldSoftware, perhaps you can double check that and try uninstalling?

If it isn't there and you do need to revert this, there is one way, slightly painful, but worth trying: Uninstall and reinstall IE6SP1.

Download the full setup files for IE6SP1 and write down where you downloaded them.

Learn how to do it, the easy way, here: 

Then, clean your system of IE, using this tool: 

After the cleanup, install IE6SP1 from the location you wrote down when downloading it.

Now you MUST visit Windows Update but be careful NOT to select the KB912812 update.

Good luck,


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OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
I ran IERADICATOR and then reinstalled IE6.1. Same problem.

Re-ran IERADICATOR, two different registry cleaners which pulled out some IE & Java entries, then "refreshed" WIN98SE from the original files. Hoorah! ActiveX now works but I am unable to use Windows update. It says it has an error. blue_zee you say you MUST install updates. I  know if I install the IE6 update it will fix it but I'm afraid of turning off ActiveX again.

I'm going to just install AOL V9 along with McAfee AntiVirus, etc  which the client wanted and forget the updates unless someone is sure IE6 won't turn off ActiveX again.



If you do not use IE for browsing, I would say the risks will be minimal, with due care and safe hex.


OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Well the client will be using AOL with McAfee spam, firewall, virus, etc. I hope that will keep it clean.

If he gets into to trouble, with that protection, he will know it was his fault!

OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
I'm going to award points to blue_zee for suggesting IERADICATOR. Using this program in conjunction with refreshing WIN98SE allowed ACTIVEX to run.

Thank you.

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