Integrating 2 Routers

I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless/Wired Router with another Linksys switch. I have just added a VoIP connection and added a new router to the network. The new router is a Motorola VT2442 and I want to integrate the Linksys's network with the Motorola's without making the Motorola a switch for we have to many bandwidth divides in our network. We have 1 computer connected to the Motorola and the rest are on our Linksys' and the Motorola doesn't see the computers connected to our Linksys. We have tried resetting the IP of the Motorola to match the Linksys's but that ended in no internet.

Please Advise,
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if you want them both on the same network, then best way is to make 1 a AP or switch.  both routers operating with dhcp on can cause problems if not configured right.
what would be the purpose of having both on as routers? if its the same network it doesnt matter which 1 is controlling the dhcp... most people get 2 routers because they want to specifically have 2 diff networks in 1 location...
Not sure why you would do this, but... Make sure the router isn't NAT'ing and then make sure you give it an IP in the same private network you have currently with the correct subnet mask, gateway, and DNS.
set the main router as the gateway, only setup DHCP on one device- shut off on others.(VERY IMPORTANT!)

statically assign the wireless AP an IP with gateway and dns of main router - making it a bridge on the SAME network.

dont assign them the same IP to both routers....obviously (you figured that one out)

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DjberecAuthor Commented:
The reason I want 2 routers is because one is my main and it has wireless internet on it and the other has telephone connections for my Vonage. So if I replace my main one with the one Vonage sent me I wouldn't have wireless internet for my laptop. Craig could you be more in depth I'm not an expert in the setting up of routers. Also could you show me some steps and which router I need to do what on.

I think I got the routers reversed on the last message. If I understand right you have a network with wireless that you are adding the Motorola router with VOIP to.

so your existing network you leave alone..

to configure the motorola you connect it to 1 pc. logon to it via the web browser - type in address field its default web page which is ----username is "router" password is "router"

Click SETUP.  Click WAN Configuration. From the Type drop-down list, select DHCP.   uncheck the top 2 options of nat and firewall (your main router should handle those).

click Save . click LAN configuration. subnet ip address should be netmask default gateway (this will be the Motorola IP address you can access from web browser for future configuration)....

hostname "mydomain1"
domain "my domain"

click option server and relay OFF

click save

that should be all  you need (maybe restart the modem) and then you can plug the motorola router into the linksys and roll.

for info on this you can see the manual at :

DjberecAuthor Commented:
When I did that the internet was gone. The default IP of the Motorola was and the Linksys one was The reason I think it didn't have internet is because on the setup page it didn't show the default gateway where I could put I had to revert to factory settings again to get my internet back. So is there something I have to do to make that default gateway show up or what and could that be the problem?
can you not chnage your main router to the one with voip and then set the linksys as an access point running off of the motorola?  i think that would make sense, so then your main router will have voip so it would work then setup the linksys to work as an access point so it still picks up wireless.
DjberecAuthor Commented:
The problem with that is the way we set up our network. The main router (Linksys) is in my room and the VoIP (Motorola) is in the kitchen and the cables from each computer is running under the house. So as you see, we would have to rerun the cables through the house to switch the routers up. Also I can't move the Motorola to my room because my dad wants to have the VoIP at his desk in the kitchen. If nobody knows how to help then just tell me what to do to make it a switch since I see that I have no other options.
ok so the way you have the routers now they are not conflicting- "The default IP of the Motorola was and the Linksys one was".. and you have internet..with that.... so help me understand the current problem again. is one of them NOT getting internet?

if so - and its the linksys thats not working....

make sure the wan port on linksys is connected to the uplink in motorola (if it doesnt have an uplink  - you may need a

one thing you want to do is shut off the dhcp on one of them.. if the main is going to be the motorola... leave that alone..

logon to the linksys and disable dhcp.

enter the gateway in the linksys -- make it say (the motorola IP)
also enter the DNS (


that should be all you have to do.

DjberecAuthor Commented:
Its the Motorola that didn't have the internet. In fact it has a problem trying to change IPs, it works sometimes and other times it just closes out itself frozen. Could you tell me what to do to make the  Motorola get the internet. I did everything you said on that post when you gave me that vonage website. Do I need to enable something on the Linksys to make the Motorola have internet, if so could you give me the instructions?
so the linksys has internet, and the vonage doesnt. in fact it freezes you say (this is a symptom of having 2 dhcp servers), so scratch the last suggestions about the linksys.

first make connect the UPLink in the linksys to the WAN of the motorola

then log on to the motorola

click LAN configuration

set the subnet ip address


default gateway

click server and relay off


click the wan config

set it to static

uncheck nat and firewall

set the ip address to be mask

set gateway to be (the address of the linksys)

set both gateways, and the dns to the same

hit save

that should do it (I said that before .. hopefully this time it is that...)

now you might lose the page... so if you have to get back to the motorola- in the web browser put in the new address of the motorola - which we just set - ---this should get you back to logon the motorola

ok so if that doesnt do it... logon to both routers and give me the lan and wan configuration they have and the dhcp config from both....

DjberecAuthor Commented:
When I was trying to switch IP's on the Motorola it froze in the middle of it and stayed there. I then exited out and I couldn't get the internet back at all. I tried reseting the router and powering it off and on and everything. The strange thing is my VoIP works. So it must be something with the computer settings. This is what it says when I did Ipconfig

Windows IP Configuration

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix: .:
Autoconfiguration IP Address...:
Subnet Mask.......:
Default Gateway.........:

My dad might be able to get the internet back but if not then tell me what I should do also what can we do, everytime I try to change it freezes in the middle of doing it.
how is the computer your configuring connected -- through the linksys?

or direct to the motorola..?

did you try rebooting the computer? the linksys can still get online with computers too right?

try switching the cable from the wan port to one of 1-4 ports.

I will be here tonight and will check on this every 10-15 mins.

DjberecAuthor Commented:
The Linksys's internet is working fine and I did try rebooting. The computer with the Motorola is connected through the Linksys. I tried all 4 ports and still no luck. I think its something with the settings or something because the internet is going fine to the VoIP. The telephone with VoIP has a signal and everything.
so you left the cable in the wan port right?. and did you try accessing the web page from a computer connected to the linksys.. (maybe it took the change?) or if it didnt....

if that doesnt work try accessing the motorola with a statically assigned IP (one of the computers plugged direct to the motorola) with network configuration of
gateway and dns (linksys)

then try the or

its really odd that it had an IP of -- what was the subnet mask it had?

DjberecAuthor Commented:
I connected my laptop to the Motorola and it had the same problem. It had no internet and it showed the same things as it did on the desktop when I did ipconfig except it had different numbers for Autoconfig. IP. So it's the router, something with the settings. But I can't log onto the router at this time so I dunno what to do.
ok on your laptop network adapter. configure tcpip settings like this
gateway and dns (linksys)

then try the web browser -- or

>>>its really odd that it had an IP of -- what was the subnet mask it had?
DjberecAuthor Commented:
Ok but how do I do that? Is it under internet options in control panel or what? And what do you mean by

>>>its really odd that it had an IP of -- what was the subnet mask it had?

What are you talking about?

ok to set the config - go to control panel and then network connections, double click the lan connection. and doubleclick tcpip and then select manually config. and thenenter

ip address
subnet mask
gateway and dns (linksys)

then hit ok and ok out ....

then try the web browser -- or

>>>its really odd that it had an IP of -- what was the subnet mask it had?

I meant originally the motorola had that IP.... nevermind

DjberecAuthor Commented:
I tried that and it would spend time loading some of those like but then in the end it wouldn't do it. I also tried to set the desktops (the one originally connected to the Motorola) to to get it to synch up with the routers ip address since the internet was still working since we had the VoIP. But that didn't turn out I think because I didn't set the DNS server right.

I might have to go for the night and try tommorrow depends how much time I have.
try on the desktop with mask

if the motorola was set to it will conflict and wont get on...

DjberecAuthor Commented:
Still didn't work but maybe I didn't put something right. What do I put for default gateway and preferred DNS and if needed alternate DNS?
dns and gateway are the linksys address  --- no alternate dns needed
DjberecAuthor Commented:
It didn't work but I'll continue working on it tomm. and over the weekend because I have to do some other things now. But my dad said that the reason its not switching is because everytime you switch IP's you have to call the cable company for them to reset it. So we might be able to call them and they can go into the Motorola and fix it for us. If that works I'll award you the points for helping me and answering my questions quickly.

Talk to you tommorrow.

Thanks again
lol that could explain why its freezing. have them configure it to

gateway and dns of the linksys --
no dhcp and no nat.

Good luck!
I'm late to the party, but why not just go with the cheesey solution?

Configure the Moto as the gateway/router just the way Vonage told you to.

Run a cable from the Moto to the Linksys and connect to one of the LAN ports.  Don't connect anything to the WAN side of the Linksys box.

This will just use the Linksys as a switch, but it bring the wireless side to the party too...

Depending on the specific versions, the boxes may autodetect or you may need to use a cross-over cable.


Check DJBerecs 3rd response.. your question was asked about a 12 pages up there... lol. this is a long ass thread...I forgot the question.heheeh

how did it go? you get this taken care of?
DjberecAuthor Commented:
Well, we are getting rid of Vonage and getting Packet8 which is cheaper and stuff. So when I get the router I may need some more help connecting them so I'm gonna leave the thread open.
DjberecAuthor Commented:
Ok, new problem lol, I have added a new router (the one from Packet8) its a BPG 510. I changed the LAN's ip address to and submet mask is the same and the WAN's to and I have internet and everything. However I still can't access the linksys network. In this one the WAN is the one going to the router and LAN is the one that goes into the computer. I did everything you said on the post where you gave the vonage website (except the DHCP and stuff like that cause I couldn't find it). Anyways answer when you can.

P.S. If you can give step-by-step instructions since you know I am not good with routers :P
DjberecAuthor Commented:
Also I just realized that the internet on my Linksys is gone so I'm going to revert the Packet8's back to default settings.
DjberecAuthor Commented:
I got my internet back on both routers, turns out it was my ISP's fault. Before I had no internet at all and I thought it was something I did so I am realived but I still don't have the networks connected.
ok remember you dont want to make the router IP address x.x.x.0 -- the 0 indicates a network not a host. (if you are using a subnet mask of

the ip address you want to use for a host in the mask is something between 1-254

also remember your basically configuring a computer on the network of the main router... ok so statically assign the second router (not the main one ) the settings a host/pc would have .....

ip address (coz I think the '1' position might be taken by the main router....)
sub mask
gateway 192.168.1.x (x = whatever the main router is (im assuming 1 above))

dns is the same as the gateway..

and turn off dhcp and NAT........

you can set up the wireless security AFTER you got full network connections/connectivity....

lemme know your ip schema...

DjberecAuthor Commented:
Some of the statics on the status page are:
LAN IP (Static)
WAN IP (Dynamic)

The WAN has DHCP on because I don't know how to turn it off except by setting up staticly the IP and gateway, etc. The gateway is but the DNS is different from the gateway. So should both the LAN and the WAN be the same with everything because I am still not getting the network although the internet is working.  
your wan is dhcp assigned IP - from the main router... you can opt to set it statically but that is not THAT important.... the dns should be but since its getting it from the main router dhcp server so its ok..

so the internet is working from the second router....this is good...  what part of network is not working ?
DjberecAuthor Commented:
I still can't communicate between the computer on the VoIP router to my computer on the main one.
communicate meaning -- share files?

can you ping the machine?

here are some tutorials on settings to check for sharing files:
Can I request points for this? I would like to get the confirmation from DJBerec, but if no answer....

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DjberecAuthor Commented:
Well I just decided I would add a switch with it but will give craig points for helping me throughout this problem
Thanks, Djberec.  I was a little conflicted on how to handle the final disposition.  Thanks again. :)
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