What kind of Algorithm is this !?!?

Check this out.

I just really want to know what is the algorithm for this.
I don't believe such thing like mind reader, there must be a algorithm that is runing behind it.

by the way, have some fun !!
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Subtracting the sum of the digits from the number will always yield a multiple of 9
all the multiples of 9 (less than 90) seem to be the same symbol
The result of the steps given there would always be a multiple of 9 and in the chart, all multiples of 9 have the same symbol
jamewangAuthor Commented:
I guess first come first. I'll give the points to ozo.
sorry about that, sunnycoder. but thanx any way.
For example, 9x always results in 90-9 and 8x always results in 80-8
so the only real choice you have is the first digit,
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