philips 200w6 response time


I am just wondering whether someone knows the response time of the 20'' Philips 200w6 monitor. According to the magazine ‘pc pro’ it is 16ms whereas a seller on the Internet says 8ms.


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Everything I see says 16ms and in agreement with Philips. The seller appears misinformed.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Philips says 8ms, so I'd say it's 8ms.

This may be a case of two different sources saying the same thing in two different ways.   Think of a sine wave -- if you measure the peak-to-peak time you'll get one measurement; if you measure peak-to-valley you'll get half of that.   The spec you quoted above says it can turn on or off in 8ms;  so it will take 2 x 8ms = 16ms to turn on AND off.    I don't know if that's why the magazine said 16ms or not, but it would explain the difference.

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csetzkornAuthor Commented:
peak-to-peak => 2Pi => on,off,on => 24ms

peak-to-valley => Pi => on,off => 8ms

just a thought though ...

The problem is that pc pro states 8ms for the acer al2032wa. shall i half this time then as well ?  ....

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Note your math:  2Pi = 2 x Pi ==> the number is double, not triple

But no, I doubt you'd half the time for the acer.   I suspect the difference is not really anything so subtle; it's just a case of misquoting the specifications.   I'd go with the Philips specs, as most magazine reviews simply quote the literature anyway;  they rarely (if ever these days) actually have the test equipment to measure the actual response.

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csetzkornAuthor Commented:
>Note your math:  2Pi = 2 x Pi ==> the number is double, not triple

sure - sorry first day after the easter break. should be 16ms of course

ok thanks. i guess i trust philips ... (-;

• LCD panel type: 1680 x 1050 pixels, Anti-glare
polarizer, RGB vertical stripe
• Panel Size: 20.1"/ 51 cm
• Effective viewing area: 433.4 x 270.9 mm
• Pixel pitch: 0.258 x 0.258 mm
• Brightness (nits): 300 nit
• Contrast ratio (typical): 600:1
• Display colors: 16.7 M
• Viewing angle: - C/R > 10
• Viewing angle (H / V): 176 / 176 degree
• Response time (typical): 16 ms
• White Chromaticity, 6500K: x = 0.313 /
y = 0.329
• White Chromaticity, 9300K: x = 0.283 /
y = 0.297
• Maximum Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 75Hz
You are not looking at the correct spec...
It is 16ms.
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