EDI Implementation Guideline / Templates?

Hello all,

we are about to integrate more and more customers / suppliers via EDI with our Systems. We want to receive / send ORDERS, DESADV etc.

I am looking for templates that we could hand out to our customers to fill in in order to line up the information needed for mapping and routing of  messages.

Has anyone out there a kind of template (Excell, Word ...) that could be used to collect information and at the same time can be used as a documentation of our EDI operations?

Any help is welcome.

Thanks and have a nice day

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Hi Dirk,

We typically use a field mapping document. On the left hand side we have the details source schema and on the right hand side we have the detailed target schema.

On the center we have a column for defining the rules of transformation from left to right. The middle column is filled with inputs from customer. This document can be referred to as requirements document. The map developers can be given this document as a guide for development. I have one such document which I can share with you. Please let me know if this suits you. Also give me your complete email address where I can drop the document.

Sukesh Shetty
Consider using Microsoft's InfoPath – it allows you to design template of the form that will be populated by user; populated form is XML file.
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