Wireless mouse crazy'ness!

We have a workstation that is in an office that has a new PC in it.  It has a wireless mouse and keyboard combo and the mouse pointer itself just starts to fly around the screen at complete random and random times.  No clicks just movement.  We had to replace the workstation anyway and now it happens to the new PC and it is driving everyone nuts!

Any thoughts on why this could be? We have tried the following:

New Mouse and keyboard combo
New PC
New network point
New batteries

Any thoughts would be appreciated! (We are not sure if the problem would exist if he used a wired mouse as he is not willing to try either.)

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Radio Frequency interference a.k.a. EMI.
A buggy driver.
stevemarsh99Author Commented:
Sorry what does that mean?
Radio Frequency Interference.
EMI - Electro Magnetic Interference.
~ Electronic Noise ~
Same thing as static on the radio.
-- It's buggering up the radio frequency (RF) signal between the Mouse and the Reciever.
-- The cursor is reponding to the noise..

Buggy driver, means the driver doesn't work right.


If the wireless has channel selections try a different channel.
If not then replace it with new one that's not so sensitive to background EMI.
Or go wired. (And give him a hanky. )

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is the wireless usb & ps/2 port compatible
use the other option of what you are using
or use an infra red (IR) instead of a radio mouse
only problem is that ir has to have a pretty decent line of sight to work

but as for the reason the new mouse is working the way it is i agree with pcbonez
Any other wireless mouse setups in the vicinity? (even invisble, behind a wall?)
Does it happen in safe mode?
I had a similar problem recently. All i did was to replace the mouse pad with a white sheet of paper! And it has worked perfectly Ever After! So consider changing your mouse pad

Also try reducing the sensitivity of the mouse

-try an opaq even colored non reflexive pad or anything else instead.
if not:
-look for speck of dust or hair in the hole that lights and take it out and blow the air in there.
Who is the manufacturer of the wireless devices go to there site and see if they have a knowledge base you may find a fix for it there?
I had a similar issue like this as well. I don't think this is the issue judging by the fact that the user will not try a wired mouse but the issue I had was that the user I had the problem with had a wired mouse in case the battery died as well as a the wireless. They had the wired sitting on a bundle of wires under their desk and the computer had both mice active. The slightest movement from the wired (optical) mouse would cause the mouse pointer to freak out due to the changes in distance and position of the wires under it.

You might want to check (Along the same lines as PCBONEZ comments) to check for any type of electrical devices near by. Is the monitor a CRT and between the mouse and the base station? Is the a florescent or any other type of ballasted light near by that might be messing up the signal? Electric pencil sharpeners close by? There could be any number of things causing this problem. Is the desk near a southerly facing window? The sun can cause interference with radio signals. Some of the things that could be causing the trouble might be things you would never think of.
There is another possibility..
Thinking back this happened to me once on a cheapie wireless mouse/keyboard..

When you first set these up you may need to set switches on each (reviever,keyboard,mouse) so they are all on the same channel.
Also, when you first power it up there is (can be, I've only messed with a few of these) a tiny switch that causes the mouse and keyboard to 'connect' to the reciever.
(Usually through a small hole on the bottom of the keyboard/mouse/reciever.)
You have to push them in the right sequence. (Reciever is first or last, I don't remember.)

What make/model is this wireless setup?
Wireless phones or wireless anything (printer, network, cell phone) that operates near the same frequency as your keyboard/mouse can bugger it up.
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