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Hello experts
Using Dreamweaver, I have a user registration page which prevents an email address being allowed if it is already taken.

<td colspan="2" class="smallText"><%if (cStr(Request("repeat"))<>"") then Response.Write("That email address is already taken.  Please choose a new email address and try again.<br>(Use your browser's back button to update your previous entry.)")%>
<input name="hiddenUserAccess" type="hidden" id="hiddenUserAccess" value="2"></td>

I would also like to apply this to username and password.

The dreamweaver behavious allows only one Check New Username SB

Is is possible (or desireable) to apply restrictions on username and or passwords.

Thank you
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Surely, you wouldn't want to apply this behaviour to passwords!! You don't want to be telling people what passwords are in your system!!

My advice would be to use email addresses as usernames with an activation email  being sent to the registered email address. This should prevent fraudulent registrations.

If someone attempts to register a duplicate email address then they have either already registered with you or it isn't their email address they are using in which case you wouldn't want them to be able to register anyway.

So if a user attempts to register with the following details:

Email address:
Password: passw0rd

...and the email address already exists then you could let them know that the email address is already registered and offer to send a password reminder to the email address but I wouldn't let them know if the password also exists.

In summary, there should be no need to check the uniqueness of a password (as the email address and password combination will be unique) and if you use email addresses for usernames with activation emails being sent upon registration then you should be able to keep your registration database fairly clean.

Hope this helps

johnhardyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bill,
Sounds like just the advice I needed


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