DVD+-RW drive not reading few CDs and DVDs


I purchased a DELL I9300 Laptop in Jan 2006. The laptop  came with SONY DVD+-RW  DW-D59A drive. My Sonic was preinstalled. I installed Roxio Easy Media creator 7 on top of it and burnt data CDs and data DVDs. I was able to read old data CDs ( created using a different drive) and copy the contents to the hard disk. Everything was ok till two weeks back till I attempted to write a MP3 CD using Roxio. Roxio took lot of time to complete the MP3 writing, so I killed the process.

After this incident, the drive stopped recognizing any CD  ( audio, data) or DVD.

I then uninstalled Roxio and MySonic ( though I never used MySonic for recording purpose). Based on few articles with suggestions to remove upper and lower filters in the registry, I deleted these entries from registry as well.

After this, the drive is able to recognize all DVDs except a data DVD that was written using the same drive earlier. The drive is also able to recognize few CDs but is not reading most of the data CDs which was recognized by the drive earlier.

I tried updating the driver; updating firmware; removing the drive; installing Roxio again ; cleaning the lens; booting it with the CD on in the drive but nothing works.

The strange thing is it reads ALL DVD movies without any problem; it doesn't read a data DVD ; it reads few CDs but not all of them ; it doesn't recognize blank CD for recording but recognizes blank DVD.

The OS is XP Sp2 Media Center edition.

Any help in resolving this will be of great help.

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This looks like a problem with the drive. Since this is a new system call Dell to get it repaired (replaced) under warranty. There's no point trying to "fix" it yourself.

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f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
To rule out a software problem you should reinstall windows and see if it still works if not then it´s a garantee problem
Do you have any system restore points to roll back to? (does Media Center have this feature?)

I have seen this when autorun registry keys have been modified, check out this link:

Try removing Roxio, running a registry cleaner, reboot uninstall My Sonic, reg clean again, reboot, then reinstall My Sonic (not Roxio) from the Dell CD's.
USE ROXI-ZAP -- it is available from ROXIOs website, this will remove ALL defective Roxio entries.  You must do this to completely remove the bad programming of dumb Roxio software programmers !!!
senthildkumarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply - rindi, f-king, The IT Garage and scrathcyboy.

I tried System restore but that didn't fix the problem though.

Am not sure whether it is a drive issue because it is perfectly recognizing all DVD Movies.

I will check the AutoPlay settings as well.

I don't have ROXIO and MySonic in my laptop now. Let me try ROXI ZAP - was this done by the same set of dump ROXIO programmers ? ;)

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