Windows 2000 security

Presently we have a workgroup enviornment with 25 systems on win2k proff and win xp proff.A Linux firewall is setup for
interent access with Iptables and nating.Hence all the users have internet access.Some policy changes are needed and I want do a setup with the following groups and the security features needed are as below.



1)No group should be able to access the resources of each other ,except the users in its respective group.

2)Internet access only for support and mktg.
3)Other groups to have mail access only ,but no internet access(How should i go about this ,was thinking of installing
Mdaemon mail server)
4)Each group will probably have its own file server
5)A person from one group may have permission to access resources of other groups(if such an option is possible)
6)VPN access (client access) to connect to vpn server.
7)CAn i go in for a firewall based router which will have also have a VPn module at the internet gateway.

I had thought of 2 solutions ,one pertaining to creating a single windows 2000/2003 domain enviornment and second using
Vlan.I m not sure which one will work,hence kindly go thru and let me know if any other method is avialble to achieve the

If i go in for a vlan enviornment ,and use a single Layer 3 switching device ,is it possible for me to access a particular
group if required .But i will need to install windows 2000 on each of the groups as a domain.A they will be in different
subnets ,will it be possible for me to coonect the domains if required.

If i go in for a single windows 2000/2003 domain enviornment ,where i will create ous .Is it possible for me to prevent the
users of say Support Ou to access the computers of say Development OU.

I have a diagram ,which will expalin it clearly ,but how do i add it here?

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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
You can't add the diagram here, however you could put it on a link to a webserver you have or a publicly viewable location like that.  I don't think it's necessary.
You could certainly ease your setup quite a bit with a nice firewall/router with VPN capabilities, you can also do all this on linux, however you may need to open another question on the linux security and or networking TA's

To keep others from accessing oneanothers files you would use group memberships within NTFS, and if your shares are on a 2003 server running SP1 you can even lock it down further

You don't need seperate Vlan's or even subnets for that matter to limit access. You can go that route however. You can use IPSEC rules to keep users from accessing certain resources on the network, or trying to access the internet. IPSEC filters however apply only to that machine they are installed/configured on, no matter who log's in, unless you have Active Directory installed, then you cna assign the ipsec filters to certain users accounts and they can move from workstation to workstation and have the same rules applied to them, while someone else will have different rules apply to them where ever they log in.

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If you want to add a diagram, this is the best procedure:

You can use the system at; log in and then click on the Expert Page tab. It works, and we're not going anywhere so you can be assured that the diagram will remain a part of the question.

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