Hosting a Web service on local machine

I have a client having 50 stores and one Head Quarter and all are connected through static IP.
All the stores have different databases and Head Quarter contails all data of all stores.If a customer comes in a store and the store issues a voucher to the customer, that voucher should be cashed at any store.I want to develop a web service which will be called at store and will connect to Head quarter to check balance of the voucher.
All stores and Head quarter are connected through internet.
Can I host the web service at Head Quarter ?
Or I will have to host the web service at ISP ?
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You can easily host the web service at the Head Quarters.

As long as you have an internet connection, static IP and IIS you can host.

This is the case what you want solve plz see it may work for you

I suggest you use remoting instead of webservices. It is a lot more performant.
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Even though the comparison between remoting and web services has nothing to do with this question I will add in my 5 pennies ;)

Generally remoting is a lot faster but more difficult to create and maintain.
Web services are slower but easier to connect to and quicker to build.

Web services also have the fantastic ability that they run through basic http chanels. I have had problems before where the port I wanted to run my remoting through was blocked by some router along the network.

So choosing between remoting and web services is very dependant on exactly what you require. Also web services are platform independant so if you need to connect to your C# code from a websphere application then web services are generally the way to go.

It all depends :)

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RETAILREALMAuthor Commented:
Hi All
The client will have a Internet Access , static IP and IIS installed at the Head Quarter. So how will all the stores access the web service ? Is there any need for DNS configuration ? How to set security for web service so that other will not be able to use it ?

Best Regards
They will access it just using the Web service. You will need to write an application to consume it though especially if you want security.

You can secure it using Verisign certificates and https (SSL) easily enough.

Also check the WSC3 standards for securing web services.

No DNS is required.
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