Import Mailbox Contacts to GAL on Exchange 2003


I'm looking for a solution to IMPORT Contacts from my private mailbox into the GAL (for my collegues).

I guess the first step is to EXPORT my private contacts than find the best way to import these contacts into the GAL but how?!

For information: I'm using Windows 2003 Server with Exchange 2003 SP1 + Updates.

Thanks for you help!

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You can check the following article to import the contacts into AD. Once you have the contacts in AD they would appear in the GAL

How to use Csvde to import contacts and user objects into Active Directory
sungarditAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link but I saw that Csvde.exe is a Microsoft Windows 2000 command-line utility and I'm running a Windows 2003?!

The csvde.exe should work fine in Windows 2003
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sungarditAuthor Commented:
Are you sure I can use the csvde to import contacts "WITH EMAIL" (external emails) into my Global Address List???
Are you sure that you want to pollute the GAL with contacts? In my experience it doesn't go down very well. It also complicates the management of the contacts, as it has to be done through ADUC.

A better option is to use a public folder. A public folder can be made an Outlook Address book, and the permissions set to allow others to manage it.

sungarditAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your alternate solution... But I have to add some important contacts for all my collegues so it's why I want to import these contacts into GAL
The public folder still allows access to the content by all staff, you just need to set the permissions correctly.
Trust me on this - the pollution of the GAL with non-staff contacts is usually very unpopular. I have done a number of times before and EVERY time I have been asked to remove it within 48 hours.


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I am doing a migration from Ex2003 to Ex2007, and trying to use csvde to export the GAL.
I can export it fine from Win2k
the problem I have is when I import into 2007, all entries have the
'/o=organisationname' in the e-mail address field.

I also would like to move these contacts once imported into a public folder as they are much more managemable, but cant move ahaed with this as they dont import correctly. Any suggestions??
I dont really understand why MS havent designed a GUI export/import facility by now??
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