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Hi all,

Im shortly going to be looking to migrtae from exchange 2000, to 2003. We currently use a cisco pix 501 for our fire wall. My question is is it possible to have the pix route smtp traffic to both servers (it currently allows internal/external traffic for our current email server, but i would want it to allow both, thus i can miograte the mailboxes one at a time and ensure there are no problems).


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ChopperCenturyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This would be no problem at all.
There is nothing that you need to do on your PIX to begin with.
My recommendation would be to keep your 2000 server as the SMTP gateway and keep all mail flowing to/from that server....the 03' server will simply be another mailstore.
After all users have transistioned and you plan to take the 2000 server out - then you can change the SMTP direction for the new 03' server. Then on the PIX side all that has to be done is an updated ACL for the 03' server IP address to allow the SMTP traffic to flow.
The 2003 install CD is very robust and gives you have checklist to follow for your given installation needs.
thacloneConnect With a Mentor Cyber Security consultantCommented:
yes that can easily be done with no sweat at all. follow the following link
let me know if you need any aditional help
pab006Author Commented:
cheers, thats great,

thankyou for your help
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