Share project between multiple developpers

Hi experts

i need some advice about sharing source code between multiple developpers

i have one project (businesstier and datatier) for example
this project has to be used by a lot of other developpers
any developpers can modify the project

i search the best way for sharing source code between many developpers without interfering each others

please give me your experience about that.

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you should consider using a Version control tool such as Visual Source Safe, which allows the independent check-in/check-out of the various modules that make up the project.  Then each developer get a full copy of the projeft, checks out the piece(s) that they are to work on, without conflicting with the pieces checked out by others.  You will need to tightly monitor the development however, to guarantee that whn code is checked in, the project still functions properly.  Do not allow code to be checked-in that 'breaks' the application - or that does not compile.

Dnx_7Author Commented:
hmm visual source safe...

i'm working with visual 2005 and we have the visual sourcesafe 2005 beta
this version is plenty buggy :)

have i consider to get back to an older version ?

and is it the only solution for team developpment?

VSS was just one suggestion.  There are several other Version Control products, CVS for example, or PVCS, or.  But the functionality that you need is Check-Out/Check-In  which will allow you to have multiple copies of the complete project, with only small parts being WRITE-enabled, so that only the parts that are currently checked-out are the ones that any particular developer can modify - that way one developer's changes do NOT affect any other developer's code. Each developer is assigned a part of the complete project to work on, at any one time.

Let's say your SOLUTION is composed of projects A, B and C, and your developers are Mary, Sam and Joe

All three developers have a complete copy of the SOLUTION, but Mary checks OUT project A - that is the part that she is working on.  Sam checks out project B, and Joe checks out project C.

Mary can only edit the code in project A, and as long as the solution builds and executes, here changes will not have an impact on either Sam or Joe.  Likewise for BOTH Sam and Joe - as long as the changes they make to their pieces of the solution allow the complete application to build and exdcute correctly, then everything is just fine.

here are some version control tools that you might want to investigate - I ahve not used any of these myself, I just offer the information and links for your consideration:

Good Luck.


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Dnx_7Author Commented:
thank you arthur wood
i read your articles and it's quiet interesting

say you have one project (we call that "common business project")

and we have 3 different project that use this "common business project"

what about if the 3 developpers (who work on the 3 different project ) "modify the common business" project on the same time? even if this common project is on the same location or in the visual source safe

this is impossible then to manage this situation?

they can only modify the part that they have checked out, and only one person can check any piece (or pieces) at a time.  So it is not possible to have two or more developers modifying the same pieces at the same time.

That scenario CANNOT happen, when you use a package that supporst checkout/checkin.

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