RedHat ES3 and Veritas Foundation Suite (Vx Vol mgr and VxFS)

Tony Clark
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Is it possible to run Veritas foundation suite on the following configuration? I need to run Veritas File system and Veritas Volume manager to manage disk devices for Sybase, both raw devices and mounted devices.
If so, please supply me with a link to an .rpm download area so I can download the *.i386.rpm build  (I presume!!)

I cannot get the currently available *.i686.rpm's to install.
# rpm -ivh VRTSvxfs-
Preparing...                ########################################### [100%]
This package is not built for x86_64 machines. Exiting.

O/S Installed:
Red Hat ES3
#uname -a
Linux MySystem 2.4.21-15.EL #1 SMP Thu Apr 22 00:09:47 EDT 2004 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
The Hardware is an Intel Xeon 64 bit CPU

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There are good chances this RPM will run on your ES3 as is, try

rpm -ivh --ignorearch ...

It might require to install some libraries it depends on (even though you may already have 64-bit equivalents, make sure you install i386 libraries,

up2date --arch=i386 -i libsomething...

You have to pay for the Veritas Foundation suite RPM's.  You can get the correct RPM from your Veritas rep.  They can also provide you with a trial license for the 64 bit version for RHEL if you just need to use it for a short time.


Thanks Dimitri (m1tk4),
This seemd to work to a point, but then installing the filesystem and vol manager rpms, the pre and post scripts need to run to config the install. If they are disbled from rpm command line, the rpms install but are not 'runnable'.
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durindil  -- I am an enterprise veritas user and as such, have a rep 'on tap', but to no avail, this seems to be a config combination they do not seem to cater for!!
Thanks for the pointer though.

Oh, so those messages are actually not from RPM pre/post but from the binaries in the RPM themselves? Then I guess that's it either for x64 or for Veritas ;)
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and you will see that this product is not yet compatable with x64 linux systems.

Here for complete compatibility charts:
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For the cost associated with this type of software for enterprise requirements, a significant proportion of what you pay for the companies guarantee to have tested on your type of system, and for them to provide you with guidance if things go wrong. If your arch is supported, they've taken your money, and when you need help installing, they'll just say "Unsupported"!

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