CPYFRMIMPF results in MCH0601 error (V5R3)

On the V5R3 AS/400 when I issue a CPYFRMIMPF command on a stream file (in IFS) to AS/400 file with delimiter *CRLF , I get the following error :-

MCH0601 :
 Message . . . . :   Space offset X'00081000' or X'0000000000000000' is outside
   current limit for object ........                        
 Cause . . . . . :   A program tried to set a space pointer or use storage      
   outside a space, or tried to use an unallocated page in teraspace. The space
   class is X'04'. The space class designates the type of space:                
     00-primary associated space (includes space objects).                      
     01-secondary associated space 0.                                          
     02-implicit process space for automatic storage.                          
     03-implicit process space for static storage in activation group mark      
     04-implicit process space for heap identifier X'00000000' in activation    
   group mark X'00000000'.  

    Space offset X'00081010' or X'0000000000000000' is outside current limit
  for object   <JOB>          

I read that this might have something to do with bugs in the IBM command and could be resolved with PTFs.  

Has anyone seen this before, and also is there a quick workaround for this?
Also,  I read somewhere that the V5R2 command could still be used.  Does anyone know how this can be done?                                                                      
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Off hand, doesn't look like a workaround is possible... see link to IBMs PTF report...


and look for "DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM FIXED FOR APAR SE19209", this appears to describe your problem but states that there is no circumvention.

UNLESS another expert knows any way......

Please cut and paste your current PTF levels using the Work with PTF Groups (WRKPTFGRP) command, so we can see what PTF level are loaded on your system.

Did this suddenly stop working? i.e. did something change.


AFAIK, causing CPYFRMIMPF to revert to V5R2 behavior stills requires a PTF. Further, I don't think it's going to be supported beyond current releases. The real fix is to create database and stream files correctly in the first place with proper CCSIDs; this includes ensuring that the QCCSID system value is set correctly, i.e., to something other than 65535. The PTF provides a stop-gap fix to allow added time to get set up the way things should be.

I think for CPYFRMIMPF, the PTF is 5722SS1-SI15687 and the data area to create is:


There are probably supersedes for the PTF, so don't be surprised if you order it and get a later one. You might already have one installed, so try creating the *dtaara and see if it works. Just make sure it's documented and handled before upgrading!


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papillon2Author Commented:
To work around this in the meantime, I have written a RPG4/ILE program that reads the IFS file and writes the information to a file.  

Thanks for all your help.
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