Police Quest 4

I bought all the Police Quest games back in the day but I no longer have the CD's. I've been able to find all of the police quest games except Police Quest 4: Open Season. Police Quest 5: SWAT would be nice but I'd really like to play PQ4 again.

Does anyone know where I can get a free copy of the game? I've searched everywhere. I've already found a place I can buy it for $5 & I may do that but I'd rather start playing it ASAP; Considering that Sierra no longer supports that entire series any longer, they should just make it abondonware.

Thanks in advance.
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Abandonware is not a declaration of release into public domain/freeware. It simply means that in all likelihood they dont care what happens to it anymore so they probably wont sue you for downloading copies instead of purchasing anymore. Technically this still constitutes a violation of the law if the company with the rights to the game decides it is an infringement of their copyrights, etc., but as the burden lies upon said company to sue you and they're likely no longer interested in protecting an outdated product that would not garner revenue for them either way, you would likely not suffer legal reprecussions of any sort. That's the nature of abandonware. If a company declares that they still have intentions of pursuing legal action for what they view as infringement of their intellectual property rights, most abandonware websites simply remove the infringing content. Considering how Police Quest 4 is under the protection of the zealous ESA, it doesn't seem to be abandonware.

At any rate, I recommend you just purchase it from eBay:
That post was pointless. If you've already bought the games then this couldn't be infringement of that sort.

Just download it from here:

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