Windows 2003 SCSI driver for an adaptec AIC7802 controller on a IBM server

I am having problems finding a driver for my onboard scsi controller on a IBM Netfinity 3500 m20 server. I can find the driver for NT4, but that is not what I am looking for. I need a driver for windows 2003 server
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Download the ServeRaid CD here:

It's the big 400 MB iso.

You can burn that to CD and you'll have the latest drivers, etc.

Are you certain that the internal controller and the Netfinity 3500 support 2003 server?
noerdarAuthor Commented:
No have no cd, and are not able to find it on the IBM page.
Do a search for AIC7800 drivers 2003.  There are lots of hits.

The "2" simply means 2-channel.  It's a 7800 controller.  I was surprised it wasn't in the native driver list on my server.

It might be on the server CD - I haven't looked.

noerdarAuthor Commented:
ok thanks. I will look into it shortly
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