Setting height of a maximized Weblogic Portlet

I am developing against Weblogic 8.1 with Weblogic Workshop.

I have a book page with two portlets on it, in a single column. Each portlet takes up 400 px, and the whole page is 800px in height. The user is allowed to maximize either portlet.

When I click the Maximize button on a portlet, the page is redrawn with only that portlet showing. The portlet's width expands to fill the entire page, but the portlet's height is still constrained to 400 px. I would like the portlet to be smart enough to manage its own height, just like it does with the width.

I have tried experimenting with CSS tags (overflow, height, etc) and providing them as the Presentation Style of the portlet, but these CSS style attributes are applied in both the NORMAL and MAXIMIZED states of the Portlet.

Is there a way to assign a fixed height of a Weblogic portlet in NORMAL mode, but allow it to fill all available space in MAXIMIZED mode?

Thanks for any help.
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Hi buri,

It cannot be configured from portlet properties.
Please check jsp file. Is there any property of html tag that fix height of html.
The width is freely expanded because there is no property set by html tag.

You can test jsp in browser without portlet/portal framework and resize browser.

Or you paste source of html in browser here and I can help you analysis.

Hope this would help.
buriAuthor Commented:
The JSP is pure HTML and has no style attributes. The height is fixed at a particular size by the CSS stylesheet referenced in the MDR.portal file (for layout management when both portlets are sharing the space). I guess a better question might be, can I tell Weblogic to use stylesheet A (with fixed height) in the NORMAL state of the portlet but use stylesheet B (with no height parameters) in the MAXIMIZED state.

buriAuthor Commented:
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